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1.) separate name and title. Since Jun starts out calling you "Master" and asks for an alternative to it, I figured she was asking for a title, rather than a name. Bit of a "wait, wut?" moment when another character addressed the player that way. Those should definitely be two different things.

2.) As a nonbinary lesbian, I'm not big on playing male characters. Please provide options for pronouns and alternatives to "boy" and the like.

3.) Also fem player character design option separate from the above.

4.) Also separate strapon option separate from the above.


As a sissy, I am compelled to concur with all of the above ;)


Would that separate strap-on option be for the Bot or the MC?


why not both


Ahh… due to recently joining a Salmacian community, “why not both” has become something of a catchphrase and intrinsically amusing.


I wasnt expecting someone else to want a feminine player character just like me, especially it being expressed in the comment section

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Please do this