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“Dark souls”… I think you mean NES.

Ahh… due to recently joining a Salmacian community, “why not both” has become something of a catchphrase and intrinsically amusing.

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Where’s the Mega Drive ROM; or, why is this tagged “Mega Drive”?

I wouldn’t say that, especially if you have the empathy to feel that way about it. A lot of us got fed inane harshness and “because I said” type stuff as kids, so that’s what we reflect.

Then some of us got fed so much of that and other, worse things that we got sick of it and rejected it all, and I’m so used to being a maternal figure to people with loads and loads of trauma that a gentle touch and respectful approach is just second nature by now.

Ehh? Asked her and she chose Del. You talk harsh to her or something? She’s just a pup; be gentle and keep her well-fed. None of that alienating and demeaning “I can swear but you can’t” or “it’s for your own good” crap.

How does one make her smile?!

1.) separate name and title. Since Jun starts out calling you "Master" and asks for an alternative to it, I figured she was asking for a title, rather than a name. Bit of a "wait, wut?" moment when another character addressed the player that way. Those should definitely be two different things.

2.) As a nonbinary lesbian, I'm not big on playing male characters. Please provide options for pronouns and alternatives to "boy" and the like.

3.) Also fem player character design option separate from the above.

4.) Also separate strapon option separate from the above.

Kisses! Lots and lots and lots of kisses everywhere.  Keep her meter low and just dote on her everywhere from the crown of her head to that butt she keeps complaining about you kissing. >:3c

For any who don't know: click and hold to smooch her wherever. She'll have something cute to say. 

Moral of the story: tease her up until she's a horny, heart-eyed mess even at low meter-fill.

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Maximum turning rate on controller is insufferably sluggish... clicking "fullscreen" seems impossible... navigating menus with controller seems to work on some screens but not others and Start/Menu brings up something other than the menu that has to be dismissed with "A", not "B" or Start/Menu.

Hard to tell if the game is really enjoyable or not since input itself just doesn't seem built for humans.

And before someone decides to come in and suggest using mouse: considered it. Unfortunately tendonitis is a thing and mouse/keyboard is often not an option.

They appear inside the ship when found.