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I really like the art and music here!  I was a bit confused what was going on at first.  I didn't read the "tower defense" part, my fault, but didn't know the turrets were on my side and were avoiding them, lol.  Main thing I would like to see is the camera view to be able to see more so I could know when to jump back and forth.

Also, I didn't do very well at all, but are there waves? Or does it go on forever? Or how is that part setup?

 Thanks Lou! Really appreciate your feedback. The camera really ended being too close I guess, but it was because of the resolution we chose (it is the same as the GameBoy): however, now that the Jam is over, I guess using a bigger resolution will make things better!

 About how the game was setup, well, at first we thought of it being wave-based, but due to the time ending we decided to leave it as going on forever, and upload the game as a prototype despite that. On future versions, it should be more polished and functional in this aspect, among others.


Yeah, understandable that time ran out.  You have a great start to something though!