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Man, the details you guys put into this patch are incredible. Two little things I've noticed while playing:

  • When choosing who to dedicate Asterion's rite to in the lounge, selecting 'Hermes' makes a certain someone change their expression ever so slightly compared to answering with any other god. 
  • During Luke's drinking game, saying 'Drink if you'd do someone at this table' gives Asterion a little extra dialogue in the scene that immediately follows. Interesting...

Those are just what I've found so far, but I'm certain MH's wonderful writers have yet more secrets to uncover! Hats off to you, Mino Hotel team. Y'all are the real Kings of Kings!


There's at least one big secret no one found so far, I'm just waiting for it to come up.

I'll try to guess without completely giving it away. Is the big secret something that Hades and Nikos both mention about Asterion while talking to him?

So... did anyone post the big secret already? I'm kinda craving to know what it is.