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Great Submission! Was very cohesive with the style. The music, art, and mechanics made it feel very put together. At first I actually thought I was supposed to jump on them, but then I hit jump a second time and "Wham! Money!".

My high score was 11940, and I played for about 3 minutes


Thanks for playing and the feedback! Yeah the mechanics are not well explained in game right now. The title screen and how to play screen I made right before I uploaded, I should have taken some more time on them to explain the fact that your double jumps are attacks.

Thats not a bad score! To get higher try not touching the ground and killing as many enemies as you can to get your score multiplier higher. (Another thing not explained in game..)


Pro Tip : use the thrown bottles to get a free uncontrolled jump to cool a little of your heat to keep the combo going, same with jumping on peoples heads! sometimes in the beginning its better to let 1-2 guys climb up the wall in a controlled manor to use for free jumps. Thanks for playing! my high score is over 100,000!! lol