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Pro Tip : use the thrown bottles to get a free uncontrolled jump to cool a little of your heat to keep the combo going, same with jumping on peoples heads! sometimes in the beginning its better to let 1-2 guys climb up the wall in a controlled manor to use for free jumps. Thanks for playing! my high score is over 100,000!! lol

Really good work!! the pixel art, sound and upgrade mechanics were all really well done! really well put together for the amount of time we had. The only thing I didn't like was the landing delay but I didn't even notice it after a couple mins.

I got a chance to play your revised version and man I really liked this the whole atmosphere was awesome! I think I just missed the point of the game my first couple plays.. I'm wondering.. did you add that last bit at the end in the revised version? (i don't want to spoil it.) i think i just missed it because the game exited so unexpectedly lol. I loved the ending really cool actually. I also really wish there was more story. My favorite part of the game is the picture! I feel like you could do a lot of story just though that kind of changing to different pictures about the main character and his family.  cool game man great job.

your game made me a little sad. I didn't have the funds to get that lady her cancer treatment. feels bad man.. why did you do this to me? In all seriousness great job on this! I wish it was longer. I liked that you guys got the email system in there, I know it doesn't seem like much but that feedback loop really keeps you invested. the arts pretty good, the whole presentation of the game is spot on great job on that, ever play shinzenIO? the GUI reminds me of that actually. i could get behind this game, I hope you guys continue to work on it!

the art and level design are amazing. all the guns were solid, movement felt good. the comic "Pow" effects were a awesome touch!, if I had to put money on the winning game this would be it (maybe mine.. ha). there seems to be some inspiration from Duke Nukem maybe? Had a hard time beating this one. I actually did what randomphantom did to be honest. I let 2 of the generators explode while defending the last one. Im a little jealous actually how good this one is ha. but seriously good job to you all.

I finally got a chance to play this! you have a really cool concept here super unique! the art style fits the game very nicely, The game itself need a little more fleshing out in my opinion. I would love to see some interactions between the potential targets(walking together, talking) maybe not all the people should be there from the start, This I feel would have added more life into your world. Maybe some events could happen ( cops breaking up random fight,  potential target gets hurt and everyone crowds around, ect.) Also take what I say with a grain of salt these were just some things that came to mind while playing, I think this game has some real potential to be something truly unique!, and  for a 10 day jam entry I think you did a really great job for being a one man team!! if you do end up working on this one more, I personally would love to see it evolve. Good job my friend!

i actually didn't know that i could move to cancel, that is pretty obvious actually im not sure why i didn't try that... ill have to try again

ha I love the whole laid back vibe I get from playing this game,  the musics fits great for the tabletop style you went with. this is something I would like to see updated with more of everything eventually, great job my friend!

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interesting idea, but after I killed the first guy the game crashed im going to wait to vote on it. id love to play it some more if you get  a fix up!!

First off let me just say I love the minimalist art style, Second I like that the puzzles are nice and short and to the point. I usually try to do some sort of complement sandwich, but im having a hard time finding something that i dont like in this game music, art, mechanics are all pretty good.  good job all around!!

i realy liked your idea here. im not sure what else you can add to up the fun of the whole thing it was a little slow, i also wasnt sure how to not be caught by the other farmers so it could use a bit more of an explanation in the beginning. other than that good job my friend!!

Hey  man. played you game had a little trouble figuring things out at first. but once i got the hang of the movement.,it was enjoyable. its missing some things honestly, but i think this could be a good mobile game given some more time. it could realy use a how to play screen saying what the different things are without just ramming your lil guy into them lol, I liked it tho. would play more!

Cool game man!! i Love how the imp places the towers and traps by hand. ha the whole game has a nice feel to it i can see myself playing this!! i like the art style. my one  criticism would be that i realy wanted the imps eyes to follow the mouse around as i moved it and possibly when the  enemys get close to the end maybe his eyes should snap over to them. none of its needed but i think it would ad a lot if you end up working on this after the jam.  All in all great work on this and I hope we see more from you in the future!!

Co-creator here, thanks for playing man. I fully agree with you.. the how to play and the games description on itch  doesn't even mention  that the jump and shoot are the same button, in game its referenced as "fire 1" .. id like to make that what ever key you chose before playing. after the voting has ended i am planning on going back an doing some clean up. thanks for the feedback!!