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Awesome, definitely one of my favorite entries so far!

I think I encountered a bug though. There was an instance of two enemies being next to one another and they both had line of sight (one of them was in the way of the other). When I got in range to attack the first one, it looked like it attacked, killed the first one, then moved me to that space and counted me as being damaged by at least one of them (health went from 10 to 6).

Also, the game ended right when I met what I assume to be "The Fallen". I see this is a prototype, so I was curious: is it supposed to end there?

Enemy AI and pathfinding are definitely on the list of things I want to fix in time.

The Fallen ending is one of them. There are a few more currently in-game and a few more are planned in the future. Not going to spoil the fun though.


Awesome, thanks.

Do you think it ended for me because I died (was standing too close when the dialogue ended)? Or was it a bug?

If you had died, you would have been sent to the entrance of a new dungeon. The ending is working as intended.