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Even though I have played one of your other games in the past (Peridium, I believe) and I loved it, I still didn't expect this game to be THAT GOOD!

I mean, where do I even begin praising its beauty and glory?! From the littlest of details to Voice Acting, plot...EVERYTHING. We see all those "Big Games" out there and I swear to you, they're not even close to being THIS AMAZING!

I 1000% recommend this game! It's absolutely phenomenal! The only "downside" (if you even wanna call that...) was the fact that it didn't last longer! 

Keep doing you and making more games like the ones you've already made, cause they're DAMN FANTASTIC!

I wish you all the best and NEVER STOP MAKING GAMES! 

Thanks for the lovely comment, really appreciate it! I'm really glad it stuck the right cord!

Stop striking cords!! It's dangerous! Strike chords like every other SANE person. Is this why you're repeatedly writing about murderous schizoid mental breakdowns? Are you suffering from cord striking related acquired brain injury?