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I would like to start, by thanking you, for inviting me to play this game! You can't imagine how happy and excited to play your game, you made me! So thank you!

Now, when it comes to the game, it's really interesting. Definitely takes some time to get used to the controls, but it's not hard to play. I really like the concept and the idea behind it! Super fun to play too!

I would like to ask you, what do you plan to "change", before you publish the whole game? I'm asking, cause I have some suggestions... It would be nice if there was a story (not sure if there is one...) and maybe a shop where you can buy upgrades?

Anyway... To sum things up, great game, really fun to play, I do recommend it and I would love to see where things go in the future!

Once again, thanks for informing me about it, I wish you luck with your future projects and I really hope you like the video I made! <3

Wonderful little game, with a great story line and characters and amazing art style! Very realistic too, when it came to how "rich" people see the rest of world!

I also really liked the option to choose between a guy and a girl, regardless of the fact that the main character was a girl! Really innovative and well thought through!

Overall, great experience and I highly recommend it, considering the fact that it has multiple endings! 

I wish you luck and the best in your future projects! ♥️

Absolutely stunning game!

From the art, to voice acting, music (phenomenal music!) and (my personal favorite) the story. Such a beautiful, but also tragic story that, whether you believe it or not, it could happen to anyone!

Simply incredible and I definitely recommend you play this game, cause the creator/creators knew which buttons to push, to make you feel the right emotions.

Once again, incredible game and I hope you create more games like this!

Good luck in your future projects! :)

Even though I have played one of your other games in the past (Peridium, I believe) and I loved it, I still didn't expect this game to be THAT GOOD!

I mean, where do I even begin praising its beauty and glory?! From the littlest of details to Voice Acting, plot...EVERYTHING. We see all those "Big Games" out there and I swear to you, they're not even close to being THIS AMAZING!

I 1000% recommend this game! It's absolutely phenomenal! The only "downside" (if you even wanna call that...) was the fact that it didn't last longer! 

Keep doing you and making more games like the ones you've already made, cause they're DAMN FANTASTIC!

I wish you all the best and NEVER STOP MAKING GAMES! 


I would love a sequel or prequel or anything like this game, but just a tad longer! If you ever do something similar, PLEASE let me know!

I played your game for a video and even though it was a bit TOO short, I really liked both the character and her story! Very nice aesthetics and music too! Overall, very nice little game, but I wish it was longer. Keep up the good work!

I was looking for a game to play in the background of my video and
stumbled upon this one. It's so nice and cute! If I had to say
something, it would be "11/10 would pet again!" Great job and keep up
the good work! <3

Very smart idea and story. The art-style is incredible and the gameplay mechanics... BRILLIANT! It's so unique and well paced. I love it! <3

Keep up the good work!