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I would like to start, by thanking you, for inviting me to play this game! You can't imagine how happy and excited to play your game, you made me! So thank you!

Now, when it comes to the game, it's really interesting. Definitely takes some time to get used to the controls, but it's not hard to play. I really like the concept and the idea behind it! Super fun to play too!

I would like to ask you, what do you plan to "change", before you publish the whole game? I'm asking, cause I have some suggestions... It would be nice if there was a story (not sure if there is one...) and maybe a shop where you can buy upgrades?

Anyway... To sum things up, great game, really fun to play, I do recommend it and I would love to see where things go in the future!

Once again, thanks for informing me about it, I wish you luck with your future projects and I really hope you like the video I made! <3


That's a very detailed feedback, thanks for writing it and making the video!

Before the full release we want to make more levels (depending on how well the IndieGoGo campaign does) and perhaps make VR port. We would like to implement some light story elements in Godly Corp and maybe give some depth to the characters. Your video was really entertaining and thanks again!