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Thanks for all the kind words, glad you enjoyed the demo and I hope that full game will make you like the game even more ;)

Hey! Thank you very much for checking Godly Corp once again! The full OST isn't available anywhere yet but i will let you know if that changes. However, many of the tracks used in the game are from this artist, enjoy!

Thanks for playing the new demo, glad you enjoyed it!

Matt was  even more proficient with the tentacle than the last time ;)

Thank you very much for re-visiting Godly Corp!

Sorry about 'minor' glitches, will try to polish it ASAP

Hey!  Thanks for the kind words! 
You really quickly got comfortable with that tentacle!

Thank you very much for playing the demo again! Glad you enjoyed this 'enhanced edition' ;)

Hi guys!

6 months ago Godly Corp demo was released on and was received pretty well. In the meantime, the game changed A LOT. New graphics, added lore to the game, more balanced levels and more content in them. Completely new UI, AI assistant now plays a bigger role in the game. More customization and interactions in the game.

Play Godly Corp new demo HERE!

It's pretty much a completely new thing

Play Godly Corp new demo HERE!

Thank you very much for making the video, glad that you enjoyed the game! Full release is coming and going to hit hard ;)

That's pretty much sums it up ;) We are aiming more towards Octodad than Job Simulator but I guess Job Simulator is also pretty close to our game. Thank you very much for the video!

Thanks for the video, glad that you enjoyed playing the demo, full release won't disappoint you!

Thank you for such detailed feedback! And we are extremely happy to hear that you liked the game. The VR version depends on it how well our crowdfunding campaign does but hopefully we will be able to start working on it soon! 

Thanks for making the video and exposure, it really helps us a lot!

You did pretty good all things considered, in full version these levels will be much more polished. Thanks for the video and valuable feedback!

Thank you for making the video, glad that you liked the game :) Full release will get even more hectic!

Hey, thanks for the video, it was pretty fun to watch. And maybe we should name the AI 'Karen', somehow it really fits her ;)

That's a very detailed feedback, thanks for writing it and making the video!

Before the full release we want to make more levels (depending on how well the IndieGoGo campaign does) and perhaps make VR port. We would like to implement some light story elements in Godly Corp and maybe give some depth to the characters. Your video was really entertaining and thanks again!

Thank you, it was really fun to be in the chat during the stream and watch you play the game live! Thank you for the stream and video!

Thanks for making the video, really happy that you enjoyed the game! We will let you know once the game is released ;)

Thanks! Also that's a nice editing and pretty funny commentary, glad that you liked the game!

Thank you very much for making the video, happy to hear that you liked the game. Full release will be even crazier, we can promise you that ;)

Yeah second level in the demo  has a pretty nice twist, glad that you enjoyed playing the game :D 
And just a fair warning that last level is even more hectic ;)

Ha, nice to see that you completed to demo. That's true that game can be pretty rage inducing but you did pretty good in that level ;)

That's some next level editing! Thank you for the video and happy to hear that you liked the game.

Glad you liked the game and recognized so many classic memes! And you even noticed the poster. Hopefully the full release will be even more fun to play for you!

Hey everybody, just wanted to share with you another video made about Godly Corp!

That was a really funny video! You did pretty well with the two first levels, last one is even more hectic though ;)

Thanks, you two make a good team. It was really entertaining to watch how you beat each level (and got so close to beating the last one)

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the kind words, you did pretty good in the video. And yeah, last level in the demo is pretty hectic and a there is a lot stuff that you have to do in it. 

Thanks for the video, happy to hear that you enjoyed playing the game! And as you pointed out in the video, it is pretty intense, especially later levels when things are even more hectic ;)

Thank you for the kind words, we are still polishing the game and working on controls. Future builds should have these issues sorted ;)

Thanks for the entertaining video! We are still working on the optimization, sorry for the bad performance issues

Hey Jaime, thank you for trying out Godly Corp. In first released demo (it's patched now) V-Sync setting was not set correctly which made playing the game much more difficult. Try setting V-Sync option to "Every V Blank" in Main Menu, it should make first level much more easier.

Hey Snikass! Glad to hear that, we are aiming for something between Octodad and Surgeon Simulator. Hopefully the full release will be even more fun to play!

Hey Fellowplayer, thanks for the kind words. We are very glad that you liked the game. You are completely right that VR version would be cool to play that's why we are starting IndieGoGo campaign soon to be able to port Godly Corp to VR. And thanks again for the video, much appreciated!

Thank you very much for playing our game! Sorry for making you rage so much, we still polishing and balancing levels :D Hopefully full release won't as rage worthy as the demo.

Hey guys!

We just released demo for Godly Corp on

Godly Corp is an over-the-top simulator where you play as intern god in a corporation. Use your tentacle arm to perform many unusual office tasks. Master woobly tentacle physics and try to not destroy all life on the planets that you take care of. Every day brings completely new challenges.

We would highly appreciate your feedback on the game and if you want to support us, sign up here to receive additional Steam key for the perk you choose when contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign!