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Awesome list Spencer, thanks for the mention! ♥️

Yeah I agree that'd be cool. I toyed with the idea of a hard mode that had that, and allowed for faster tapping between letters. So the morse code pros can really get into it ;)  Maybe I'll come back to it some time :)

Stop striking cords!! It's dangerous! Strike chords like every other SANE person. Is this why you're repeatedly writing about murderous schizoid mental breakdowns? Are you suffering from cord striking related acquired brain injury? 

Really awesome, I grew up on ASCII art games and this is a wonderful modern example! Can you put up a link to your page so I can leave feedback there? :)

I tend to stand while recording, and though I don't have a fireplace, I may well have been wearing a dressing gown at the time, so there was definitely something of the 'comfy evening in' about the whole thing :D

Thanks for playing our game, and sharing it with others :)

Go for it :)