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Did it stopped working after you uploaded it the first time or before ?(i already know the answer >.>)

(suppose it was after) On my first try i had the old version inside the same root folder so it should have used the res from it at last once. Or maybe it won't work with compiled files ?

I didn't know the hug was this powerful ! I'll try to save some ap on the previous fight.

As for idea, i may have a lot who will make it more deep gameplay wise and i don't know if you really want it, it's a game made for a game jam after all.

-many class for the fighter, ex : monk -different instead of strenght + and speed + => speed++

-maybe some combo within a frame limit, ex : execute e->h->k within 3 sec = one more bonus for the last command

-each x fights add a camp (ref : darkest dungeon or dragon crawn) but suppose some random fights

- a story mod !!

i know that as little the idea may be, it will require many hours of work but i can help you with the test part if you want.(i didn't program for years so i may be a little too rusted for this )

Lol, i went and typed a 3 paragraph explanation (and it didn't make sense)
tldr version; I compiled it (exported it) wrong, and forgot to add the library in the folder to compensate for the missing library in the JAR file i exported, and as to why it worked for a few moments (before i uploaded)... idk! XD
let's leave it as one of the mysteries of the world!

All of your ideas are already on my Todo-list, except the part about multiple classes... i will consider adding that soon(tm).

I'm starting college tomorrow, so i will have even less time to work on this.. but i hope to add more of everything!
thanks for reading/participating in this Community Board!