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As far as we can tell there should be no issue with data saving.
Are you logged in? Are there restrictions to you as a Window user? The save game should be located in
C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3\Prefs

About your second question. Unfortunately the game is limited at around 30 fps.
While technically Director (the software used to build BR3) can run at higher fps we never could squeeze the performance out of it with the stuff we wanted to do... 


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I tried to disable any windows user restrictions. I re-installed the game and did many other things but it still doesn't save my data. I hope you have any ideas how can I fix that.


Is there anything in the folder I mentioned earlier? is there a file?

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That's weird... There was something in this folder but after I re-installed the game it's gone. There isn't anything in the folder right now. 

EDIT: There was a folder with name Adobe. Now it's gone.

that is odd - since that folder is not managed by the installer 
it is created when the game runs - and as far as I know won't be removed

are you running any virus or malware software which might disable the files to be saved there?

Sorry I forgot to say that I deleted the folder myself because I wanted to delete any files and folders the game created to make everything as the first time to see if it's gonna work properly. But still I think the game should create this folder again, no matter if it's been deleted once. Also, I don't think the antivirus software prevents the folder being created. Like I said, yesterday the folder was there so that means it had been created once. I haven't changed anything on my computer since then.

I really would like you to help me as soon as possible because I haven't played the game since yesterday. I want to play it without any worries about erasing the data and starting over. Excuse me if you are busy and I worry you. :)

ok - please mail me at suppert at
I am not checking this thread continously and support should go through 'official' channels.
- PIeter

Hi, I know this is very old, but were you able to solve your save problem? if so, how?

Actually, Director does support 60FPS too and I did play Metal Mayhem World Tour in 60 FPS and it is really smooth. I do know if you mod BR3 to run in 60fps, it messes up the timing. This is also a problem with BR4, but both games support 60FPS fine. Maybe you can fix the timing issue so enemies don't get to shoot faster and you slower. 

However, I actually like 60FPS for BR4 as it makes it a bit harder and everything is smoother. If Xform has time, a proper 60FPS would be nice, but look, they just released an awesome update which fixes a lot of the real problems. 60 FPS is a minor thing.