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I can move them up a bit, but we have couple of games in the backlog to do first. We're going as fast as we can... 

Like to do them though :D Especially the first.  I am most 'scared' for the second one as that is Flash


Anything 5/6 years old should be able to run the game. Do read the part about System Requirements and Important on the main page as it will give you some pointers as wel

You need to check with It varies per country.

Hi Paulo, Steam will offer a similar discount soon ;)

Hopefully! I am looking into it as it is one of my favorites.
Might be a bit longer down the line tbh.

Xform / Pieter

No thanks! I made a small error when implementing some basis gamepad controls which indirectly influenced a bit of the AI behaviour as well :( Sorry

Yes, the textures can be loaded externally. Go to ..\Burnin' Rubber 3\Data\Cars\Mods\ (folder where BR was installed - defaults to Program Files (x86)) en read the ReadMe.txt for creating skins.


Thanks Jeff. There should be some basic controller support working in-game. Making the menu screens work with controller is usually not worth the trouble. We've used Rewired in some projects (i.e. Super Man Or Monster) and it worked pretty good. For our new games, we're working with the new unity input system. Seems okay-ish for now, but again, the UI stuff is usually the tricky part :)

It is the same - there have been no changes to the AI behaviour. Maybe your memory of the game is different than it actually was. It has been a while ;)

AI behaviour has been addressed in the latest build

You can turn off bloom in the advanced section of the starter. It should be off per default though...



I removed your comments to BR and BR2 locations - they are a bit out of place.
 Standalone version of BR and BR2 are coming :D


Can you check if you have a User folder located in the OperationDesertRoad_Data folder - at your install location?


Ok, I can work with that. What about the icons?

Can you be a bit more specific? What icons for you mean? And how do you select your vehicle and how isn't it working? What are your steps - do we van reproduce the issue(s).

Would love to - but the game and source code is getting so old that it is too hard to maintain :(

Hi Harma22, thanks for your reply.

There have never been feature updates or any (big) code changes. The only difference in the 1.0.6 (as I recall now) is there are more vehicles in there. These vehicles cannot be properly gained (that code part is missing) but there aren't any other changes that can influence stability or create additional buggyness.

This build is not using Mono anymore when compiling but it is converted to c++ which can mean modding is more difficult todo. The reason we did this is because it this version runs much faster than the previous one.


Sorry - no controller support afaik. 
I know we tried some support using an Xtra but I dont think that has been implemented.

Did you check the UserData folder as well? Was that folder there at all?
The game won't remove that folder  - it will only create it if it is not there . Was this a clean install?

Userdata should be saved in 
Burnin' Rubber 5 HD\BurninRubber5HD_Data\UserData\
Can you check if the files are still there? There should be 2 Profile.sav & Settings.dat

I think you can ask for one from ?

A return to what? If you mean Discord because you were banned: no. Sorry.

Don't think so :(

Thanks for your ideas, but it's kind of filling up the comments section ;) Please gather them all up and send them through mail or Facebook. Thanks!

Hi! We won't be adding any new content to the old games. It's almost impossible to do even if we'd want to. Sorry!

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Hi! Downtown Drift: I don't think so. Sorry. Please join our Discord instead of posting here ;)

Are you already a member of our discord server? You can discuss your ideas there

Probably not. Sorry.

Thanks for your ideas! When we start developing BR6, we'll definitely make sure to include old paintjobs as well :)

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this crash. I don't think it's possible for us to come up with a solution with the information you're providing. It's always wise to uninstall the game and install it again properly and hope the issue resolves itself. You might also want to try locating your savegame and deleting (moving it temporarily) and see if this helps. Maybe it was corrupted. And of course make sure your computer / operating system meets the system requirements too. Unfortunately, it's a pretty old game and these sorts of problems are likely to appear on a game port like this.

You can install it on another PC as well - easiest would be to use the Itch app

It's the same version. Hopefully we can one day start development on BR6. We need some investments first. As for BR1 and BR2: maybe some day.

Thanks for your message. Cartapult could have been better, but the missions was to create a more casual physics-based game. Let's not even compare it to the other BR games....

Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a bit of a (very) old engine and not very stable :(. We can't really do maintenance or bugfixes anymore since it's almost impossible to even run the development environment and create new builds.

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Hi! Sorry to hear that it isnt performing well.

Can you mail us your computer specifications? We'll try to take it from there!

[EDIT:] Saw your email just now

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, both BR3 and BR4 were made in an engine that does not port to mobile devices. So the answer is no :(. We won't rule out that there will BR games on mobile in the future though. Who knows.

I (Pieter) was thinking the same thing - but then I started testing and I couldnt stop until I was done. Lol :D