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Yes - I am afraid that is a limitation of the Shockwave engine :(

We are running into similar issues on our machines as well when running the game with all settings on and in a 'high' resolution. Sorry :(

That is odd - if you start the game through BurninRubber3.exe you should be presented with a small window to choose resolution, show border, etc. As well as some advanced options. Do you have this window?

That is odd - did you try installing it through the Itch App? It is the preferred way as it handles updates easily as well.

Probably not, sorry.

That should be more then enough. Mayb e it is the resolution and/or settings?
Do you have any of the advanced settings on? While your system should be able to have them on maybe there is some sort of conflict? The advanced settings as well as high resolutions aren't very well supported due to engine limitations. So these are a bit experimental.

I am afraid it could be any number of things tbh. I would need some more information. Can you email us your computer specifications? either through info or support @ xformgames.

can you post a screenshot?

where did you install the game? are you using the itch app?
And are you logged in (windows) with enough permissions?

Hopefully - it is a tricky game to update

That would be great! No  sure tho...

Thanks - appreciate it!

A couple of days ago for the second time, first time around 10 days ago. Give or take a day.
Can't check exact dates at the moment.


Our latest payout has been in review for 25 days.

We are aware of the 7-12  (or even a bit more) days delay. 
For the past 4 years it has never taken longer then 10 days.

I have contacted support twice, but I am not getting any response.

What do I have to do to get this payment processed?


There are available through your account or through the itch app

Did you install it through the Itch App?

It's becoming harder and harder to keep being able to build these old games. We hope so :)

Those would indeed be a great addition - although both are tough to make and update as a lot of that art is 2d and scales badly. Would you be happy with a version where the resolution would be fixed to their original, intended size?

Best thing you can do is use the Itch app. That would auto-update the game.
Else you would have to download the .zip file and extract it yourself in a location of your choosing. Save games are stored somewhere else so they wont be lost.

Maybe the save game location is not accessible (something with administrative rights?). %USERPROFILE% \AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3

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Thank you for your kind message. We still plan on releasing the 2nd one as well.
There are couple of caveats. Beside being pretty busy atm BR2 has some odd 2d menus which are toughto scale and manage. We already did a bit of work though but I cant commit to a date

No - not at the moment. But we will probably enable them in an update.
Technically it is not difficult - but it influences the game and we would probably need them to be unlocked someho

My advice is to use the Itch app as this will manage updates and latest versions much easier. Your save file should be fine. 

The original installer is still included with the latest version but does not have the update. We kept that in there for save keeping.

If you install and use the itch app you can directly install the games - just like you would with Steam for example. Most Windows can extract zip files without any other programs as well.

Thanks for the info - appreciate it. Will take a quick look asap


Can you post a screenshot of your issue for me to take a closer look? I am not sure I follow...


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Best thing you can do is to use the itch app.

With the app you can install & update the games as you would do in e.g. Steam as well. Savegames should stay

Bounjour! Vous pouvez acheter des jeux avec Paypal ou Stripe.

The older Director games are frame limited to 30.
We're sorry but it is/was a technical limitation by design, because of Director.

Burnin'Rubber 5HD and the Rally Points were rebuild in Unity where we could more easily make sure you could reach proper fps.

I can move them up a bit, but we have couple of games in the backlog to do first. We're going as fast as we can... 

Like to do them though :D Especially the first.  I am most 'scared' for the second one as that is Flash


Anything 5/6 years old should be able to run the game. Do read the part about System Requirements and Important on the main page as it will give you some pointers as wel

You need to check with It varies per country.

Hi Paulo, Steam will offer a similar discount soon ;)

Hopefully! I am looking into it as it is one of my favorites.
Might be a bit longer down the line tbh.

Xform / Pieter

No thanks! I made a small error when implementing some basis gamepad controls which indirectly influenced a bit of the AI behaviour as well :( Sorry

Yes, the textures can be loaded externally. Go to ..\Burnin' Rubber 3\Data\Cars\Mods\ (folder where BR was installed - defaults to Program Files (x86)) en read the ReadMe.txt for creating skins.


Thanks Jeff. There should be some basic controller support working in-game. Making the menu screens work with controller is usually not worth the trouble. We've used Rewired in some projects (i.e. Super Man Or Monster) and it worked pretty good. For our new games, we're working with the new unity input system. Seems okay-ish for now, but again, the UI stuff is usually the tricky part :)

It is the same - there have been no changes to the AI behaviour. Maybe your memory of the game is different than it actually was. It has been a while ;)

AI behaviour has been addressed in the latest build

You can turn off bloom in the advanced section of the starter. It should be off per default though...