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I tried to disable any windows user restrictions. I re-installed the game and did many other things but it still doesn't save my data. I hope you have any ideas how can I fix that.


Is there anything in the folder I mentioned earlier? is there a file?

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That's weird... There was something in this folder but after I re-installed the game it's gone. There isn't anything in the folder right now. 

EDIT: There was a folder with name Adobe. Now it's gone.

that is odd - since that folder is not managed by the installer 
it is created when the game runs - and as far as I know won't be removed

are you running any virus or malware software which might disable the files to be saved there?

Sorry I forgot to say that I deleted the folder myself because I wanted to delete any files and folders the game created to make everything as the first time to see if it's gonna work properly. But still I think the game should create this folder again, no matter if it's been deleted once. Also, I don't think the antivirus software prevents the folder being created. Like I said, yesterday the folder was there so that means it had been created once. I haven't changed anything on my computer since then.

I really would like you to help me as soon as possible because I haven't played the game since yesterday. I want to play it without any worries about erasing the data and starting over. Excuse me if you are busy and I worry you. :)

ok - please mail me at suppert at
I am not checking this thread continously and support should go through 'official' channels.
- PIeter