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Someone, please make a video of this game if you buy it. I have the Steam version, but I am interested to see what this version looks like including the launcher if applicable.

Actually, Director does support 60FPS too and I did play Metal Mayhem World Tour in 60 FPS and it is really smooth. I do know if you mod BR3 to run in 60fps, it messes up the timing. This is also a problem with BR4, but both games support 60FPS fine. Maybe you can fix the timing issue so enemies don't get to shoot faster and you slower. 

However, I actually like 60FPS for BR4 as it makes it a bit harder and everything is smoother. If Xform has time, a proper 60FPS would be nice, but look, they just released an awesome update which fixes a lot of the real problems. 60 FPS is a minor thing.

Ugalek, Amazon uses the 3 digit security code on your credit card, eBay does, and every site I paid that requires credit card requires the  digit security card. That way, people won't just be able to use your credit card without the security code. Also, is safe and I never had any problems. Try using Paypal if you want as that is what I did and it worked fine.

Why? It is because we still like the older games and want to play them again. Xform is doing this for us unlike pretty much all other shockwave director game companies who just forget their games and leave them lost forever.

Sure, but they are a small company. That means each person gets a fraction of $700. Each person gets even less than $700 you understand? You could have "maked" Burnin Rubber 3? Adobe Director cost already around $800 or more plus you need 3ds Max which also costs hundreds of dollars. Also, they need computers to make the game which cost thousands of dollars. I think they don't really make much money. If you think they are too expensive, like I said, you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free.

Yes, what do you mean by much? $700 is very little for all the work they put into it. I bet if I payed you Metal Knight $700 you can't even make a game as good as Burnin Rubber 3 let alone 4. Xform is really charging less than normal for a game like this. I would have thought this game would cost $9.99, but we are getting it for $4.99 which is VERY Cheap and affordable! Metal Knight, how about you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free that way. It cost Xform a lot of time and knowledge to make the game and make the standalone.

I am complete opposite. Why don't you upload the Burnin Rubber 5 HD to I don't like Steam and don't want to deal with their unnecessary software. Also, is great to accept Paypal as it is the easiest way to pay.