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Does this version fetaure the color picker? the drag and drop image interface also doesn't seem to work anymore. Oh, and some of the effects like dithering and scanlines only have a correct preview on 1:1 zoom. But this was also an issue in older versions. The C64 palette still needs a fix. It has one grey tone too many and no purple. Aside form that the tool works perfect. 

No color picker in this version since you can load any external palete colors to be used. The drag&drop image should work. Also clicking in the image two times place it to the center ¿?.

Using zoom changes how the image looks because all the effects, palette and shaders are applied to the actual image dimesions.

About th C64  mmm works correct to me ¿? What is the color needs to be added and which color needs to be removed ¿?


Color picker would come in handy anyway. I sometimes need a pallete with exact colors from the image and now I have to tediously recreate them with color sliders.

This is the result I'm getting with c64 palette:

What SO are you using?

Windows 10 if that's what you're asking

Hi, i uploaded a 1.56 version that should have the C64 palette fixed, let me know.


Cool, but I got the tool with the asset pack bundle, can you upload it there as well? thanks!

Oh! sorry, i just uploaded it! ;)

Tested the new version and I got the exact same result as before.