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Didn’t succeed at putting the explosives in the tunnel to make it blow !

Everybody must die!

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You really have to go right up against the hole to be able to put it down in the correct place

I also have the same problem. I pick up the crate, run through the corridor, dribble the monster, don't know how to place them. Tried to aim for the center (between the tentacles): doesn't work. Tried to put it down, run out of the corridor, activate that kind of detonator where I picked the crate: doesn't work. Tried to put down the crate and run upstairs: doesn't work.

Ah! You can't install a bomb without killing all the monsters. 1) Kill all the monsters that appear 2) carry the bomb box 3) put the bomb box at the end of the north corridor.

but they respawn

That's right, enemies will continue to respond. A total of 16 people must be killed. Everyone must die!

Eventually if you keep killing them, they will stop spawning.