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I also have the same problem. I pick up the crate, run through the corridor, dribble the monster, don't know how to place them. Tried to aim for the center (between the tentacles): doesn't work. Tried to put it down, run out of the corridor, activate that kind of detonator where I picked the crate: doesn't work. Tried to put down the crate and run upstairs: doesn't work.

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I have DirectX 11 installed but the game complains it "Could not initialize Direct3D" and crashes (instead of exiting gracefully—no exception handler). 😕 Does it "need" DirectX 12?

tap the ? At top left part for the tutorial.

If that didin't help its basically a numbers game. the larger the value it will flip the lower value side. ? Coins are randomizers it could lower the value of ur cards up  to -2 and  could increase  it up to +2 to all sides of ur cards placed in the randomizer (use with care). As much as possible i would avoid using them unless i have a really powerful card that it wont matter if its -2. Tip is disable autosave. Play with a villager if you lost, restart. Selim and Ghart card are pretty strong early game.

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Is there an ending? I'm just stuck in a yellow light at the end and have to manually exit the game, there's nothing else. 🤔 I'm all for symbolism, but I don't like being left wondering what I'm missing.

holy macaroni, so inventive, the graphics are mindblowing


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lol you completely missed the monster at the end, which was the most important part of the game

Astaroth work in the afternoon

Dark Knight battle or library if you unlocked dark knights evening only

At morning you can either collect rough diamond and vegetables to transmute

wtf you can literally change time of day at will with your house, there's no really drawback in changing time of day as there's no data recording days passed anyway. you can even make it so you only battle at night for dark knights even. making all of them available all the time would have more complications as most of them has specific time of day lighting during those scenes so more work for the devs if so.

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interact with certain towns people till it unlocks sub events (usually every after 4 interactions). Some bois has multiple events some only 1(Grant atm). Hanth has 5 i believe, somewhat a grind i must say.

you need better gears and maybe the neccessary super effective move to red twink.

Try getting gold ore with Garth or Selim at Whiterain f2, might need something like Dont touch my plugplug + cock ring tier and Axe weapon.

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Good game; simple but challenging… wait, is that last screenshot how complicated it gets‽ 😲

The only complaint is that it needs an undo function; it's too much of a PITA to have to keep restarting later levels. 😕

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Looks interesting but couldn't try it; game crashes on startup:

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 1
for object oUIControl:

ds_list_size argument 1 incorrect type (string) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_oUIControl_Alarm_1
gml_Object_oUIControl_Alarm_1 (line -1)

have fun with the grinding then 😝

mind if i ask what version are you playing?

After repairing The Forge (and the Dark Knight sequence), the main quest should be Rescue the 3 villagers

After rescuing the Dark Villagers, Beton would visit you in your home and would inform you about joining the Guards by participating in the tournament. Head to the camp, talk to Beton (morning/afternoon) win the tournament.

A. I can't save.

B. Loving futa on male please.

you can hack the save file to get extra resources

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that's odd been through 4 playthroughs in v0.6.5 with different preferences it should be working like this

any time of day should work as long as the quest repair forge is active. I would suggest trying it out on a different save slot though you might have to start all over again. If it still doesn't work them maybe there is something wrong with the game version you have installed. Also specify your game version and device you are playing in. It might help the developer pin point the problem better.

Do you happen to have the main quest activated? You should be able to tap a dialogue button above it to start a duel.

Try checking the repair dialogue of the Forge building first. Might be that you haven't activated it yet.

v0.6.5 win x64

Some animated storyline sequence stops moving midway. Ei. Rafaelo after Carpentry shop repair, Hanth blowjob, Horace floating, Beton riding. Sniffing works just the narrative  first sequence stops, the succeeding animated works tho.

Also at night save at Eden beach 1. When reloading for a Dark Knight the pre-duel page is wonky and there was no opponent during duel. the reward was correct afterwards tho and no crash but might be something.

pretty sure that's how it is coded. Advancing map doesn't advance time of day. Dialogue duel does and special duels like Dark Citizen and Quest tools. Dark citizens even has specific time change due to narrative. If you want to advance time of day, you can sleep it off in your house any time of the day.

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Might be a bit challenging if you don't have enough skills unlocked but try these with help of +60hp tea

also recommend having the Elven Cock Ring + Butt Plug set, at least weapon tier 3 (15 virility)

Show off PecsSlap Ass/Cup Balls Finger/Dickslap/French Kiss/Suck NipsRim him/Suck Cock

bold are super effective, others are effective.

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Name: Slipsi

Animal: half-embryo 

Transformation: Slipsi, don't!

De-Transformation: Let me go now.

Favorite Food: slugs

Miraculous: gag Weapon: spoon

Rafaelo Phase 3 Lick his ear instead of balls

I love you


It's Marvelous, magnificent, I can't imagine life without the letter M!

Impossible, improbable!

How could you get along without the letter M?

Great experience  

Yo can we get some wholesome futa on male next

A very good score (I'd be happy to live on your colony!), but not perfect. Maximum technology is Post-Singularity (3000) and maximum culture is Cosmic Enlightenment (3000). Plus there are some bonuses for successfully sharing a planet with another civilization and for increasing your science and culture databases >100%.

ok this is bad

or not

on screens is not helpful