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I ended up walking through the map at one point but I think this game has quite a chance to becoming a fully fleshed out game.

While being very short it is a decent horror game.

A very good, yet short horror game. I'd love to see more like this!

Truly this game is a slice of gold. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

...please kill me.

Extremely impressive, a lovely horror game.

Really good game, a small bit frustrating but I don't mind. Atmosphere is great, loved the added touch of the hand movement and mouse sounds. Lovely piece of work you have here.

Same here kinda, still a great game though.

Your very welcome!

Very impressive.

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Very interesting idea. Solid and stressful game play. The art style is pretty cool as well.

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I think this game is pretty alright, simple yes, but alright. I think this could be the base for something very interesting.

I love this game so much! I didn't expect narration so it was a very enjoyable surprise.

New floor level to the backrooms.

Truly and amazing game, excited to see a possible sequel or series.

Amazing atmosphere!

Ah, the daily life of the British personified into a video game.

A simple yet great game.

Eventually if you keep killing them, they will stop spawning. 

I feel confused but at the same time not. The concept is pretty interesting and presented really well. Excellent job.

Absolute work of god.

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I don't think my life will ever be the same and im fine with that.

Lovely little game. The art for it is really good.

Very short game but an amazing concept!

Absolutely loved this game. Amazing work!

Your very welcome!

Okay, good. Sorry for the misunderstanding. 

Great game! 

Great job! Loved the idea of it!

I'm not sure id its a joke or not, but the thing about furry's should  be all dead extremely rude. Maybe you could clear this up for me on if it was a joke or not. 

I fucking loved this game! It was short, but i loved it. The graphics where great, and the game play was nice. Would love to see a longer version. Amazing job!

Amazing game. Absolutely loved every moment of it. 

Love it!

Amazing game. Please do more work on this. 

I absolutely love this game! Amazing job! 

I loved that game as a kid!

Its simple and nice. I love the concept.

A little short, but a really amazing concept. :)