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A member registered Jun 11, 2020

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I'm still lucky, just checked my email and saw you made a new game

oh cool have a burg ;)

Also if you wanted to add in an extra achievement to make it 10 you could do "Lights out" where you shoot out all the light bulbs I did it just for fun, and its not that difficult but does require a bit of effort

Besides having to refresh the page to play again every time, this game is awesome! (After completing the game and wanting to go for the other achievements I press new game and then I'm met with the game loading without my player)

I have gotten 6/9 achievements. The ones left for me are; Runner, Peaceful, and Careful. The minimalist was super hard I had to spam reload while shooting so that I could rapid fire. I had 8 med packs and still never won so I had to do it without, which finally worked after 18 attempts.

I just signed into my account now so maybe it will save this time. fingers cross 


but they respawn

might as well make it a complete copy of mafia right?

liar, i complete the game and this was my first time, if it was your first time you would of taken your time to read every square's message thats to fast to read and complete it