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Are all the datable characters going to be female or will there be some male or NB too?


Is that something you'd be interested in seeing? 

The short answer to your question is: "maybe." 

The option is on the table. You've likely noticed I've avoided calling it a "monster girl" game and just calling it a "monster" game because that's something under consideration. The plan is to decide which characters will be dates, and in which order, via popularity votes.  I can say for sure that some characters in both those categories will get added to the character polls at some point, but they may or may not win the votes. 

There are 100% going to be male monsters and NB characters as NPCs and side characters even if they don't win the votes for becoming dateable. 

Likewise, the option to be female or NB is also on the table, but it's both cost and labor-intensive to have gender options on every chapter, (Requires alternate CGs on several scenes) so to what extent we prioritize those options will also be based on popularity polls.  That said, playing as a female and dating a monster boy; or dating an androgynous, genderless, or hermaphroditic monster/alien/robot; or having f/f, m/m whatever/whatever pairings are all scenarios I can see cropping up in the future.  

Including  those options might alienate some fans who would prefer we focus only on monster-girls; but there are plenty of other monster girl games that do so, so I'm personally interested in finding out how much interest there would be for expanding on the range of available content.  

I would be interested in both playing as and dating female/NB characters (I get that the playing as can be more of an issue, but even if it's not reflected in CGs but only as a pronoun choice that would be OK for me).  I'm just not interested in romance games that are either BxG or GxG exclusively.  For these kind of games, I mostly play otome (GxB) but I do occasionally play BL/yaoi (BxB).  Totally understand that that might not be this game (that's why I asked) and if it's not a direction you want to go in.

This is my situation as well. I'm glad someone already posed the question, because I was just about to ask!