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Yes? This one? And all my other games. If you're having some kind of trouble or some kind of scan turned up something can you actually show or explain what the warning/error you got is?

Maybe it's an bug. I just tested it myself and got the same problem, but if I click the "download or claim" button at the bottom after I've claimed a copy it takes me to a working download. 

Added the (formerly Patreon exclusive) standalone windows build as a $1 download here. (I don't really care about maintaining a paywall on something like this, but if that encourages more people to tip so I can make more of these, and maybe up the production value that'd be cool) 

I'd attempted a linux build, but it failed for some reason so I need to figure out why.
I don't have a mac so building for and supporting it is a lot of trouble for me. 
But windows is easy enough. 

Verbal support is appreciated too!

Though, if you want to do something to help without spending any money, you can consider wishlisting the upcoming Amaryllis Episode on Steam. Even if you never actually buy it, more wishlists boosts our position in the recommendation algorithm so it's very helpful for getting the word out.

"Downloaded" as in pulled the HTML build to play offline? 

Because when I try to run it off my own computer it doesn't work either, but plays just fine on both Newgrounds and But if you can't play it online on either here or on newgrounds let me know, possibly along with what type of device/os you're using and I'll see if I can figure out what the problem is. 

Makes sense.
I mean, lower graphics settings, less lag, better frame rate. 

There shouldn't be *any* input lag  (I didn't notice any on my dev pc and my weaker testing pc) so the lag you're experiencing is probably some interaction with the engine and your PC. I'm not even sure what those graphics settings affect, to be honest since that's built into Unity and I haven't messed with them on my end. 

(1 edit)

Did you turn on the easy mode option? If not that should help a lot.  It gives you double health, gives Tainara 40% health and you start the fight with a bunch of special attack meter to get free shots in. 

Also, what character(s) are you trying to play as? (might also be a character balance issue I need to look into) 

I may be able to go back and tune it some more or give easy mode a larger advantage but a few tips: 
Using taunt and the tickle attack options too much makes her AI difficulty harder in later matches. Likewise using the Praise/Flirt options (especially praise) maintains her going easier on you a bit longer. There IS an AI level that's actually designed to be literally unfair, that should only trigger if you *abuse* the taunt options; if you see her using MOLA you've triggered that. (Always a chance I could have a bug that triggers that accidentally)

The most exploitable weakness the AI has is how it handles special attacks, since it usually can't avoid both the attack and the ball at the same time.

I didn't have a large amount of feedback on the difficulty pre-release so it's hard to balance. Getting a full win streak is supposed to be hard, but not impossible and I know at least one patron managed it; but if I get a lot of feedback like this I may see what I can do to dumb down the AI a bit more. 

Sorry for the late reply, but I literally, just now made a bandcamp account! You're pretty much the first one to know. 
This game contains 3 original pieces of music that were made specifically for it. They are now available as a mini-soundtrack on said brand new bandcamp account here:

You'd know them as the Title Screen music; Isabel's Apartment music, and the Sex Scene music. 
The rest of the tracks are from various royalty free music libraries; thier composers are all listed in the credits and readme, but if there is a specific track you wanted to find I can point you to it. Some of them have specific ToS rules that prevent me from reposting the track or direct linking to the file; but the websites for most of the other music sources are: (Sushi Restaurant BGM) (Comic Shop BGM) (The Music when you first meet Isabel) (The intro text chat) (the 'city' BGM: Side note I have a version of this that allows non RPG maker use) 

Is that something you'd be interested in seeing? 

The short answer to your question is: "maybe." 

The option is on the table. You've likely noticed I've avoided calling it a "monster girl" game and just calling it a "monster" game because that's something under consideration. The plan is to decide which characters will be dates, and in which order, via popularity votes.  I can say for sure that some characters in both those categories will get added to the character polls at some point, but they may or may not win the votes. 

There are 100% going to be male monsters and NB characters as NPCs and side characters even if they don't win the votes for becoming dateable. 

Likewise, the option to be female or NB is also on the table, but it's both cost and labor-intensive to have gender options on every chapter, (Requires alternate CGs on several scenes) so to what extent we prioritize those options will also be based on popularity polls.  That said, playing as a female and dating a monster boy; or dating an androgynous, genderless, or hermaphroditic monster/alien/robot; or having f/f, m/m whatever/whatever pairings are all scenarios I can see cropping up in the future.  

Including  those options might alienate some fans who would prefer we focus only on monster-girls; but there are plenty of other monster girl games that do so, so I'm personally interested in finding out how much interest there would be for expanding on the range of available content.  

Thanks for playing! 
We're hoping to have a huge variety of available dates, both in races and bodytypes eventually. We have some concept art for some potential future dates we're going to be trickling out, though we're focusing efforts on getting this first episode done first; and a dragon seemed like a pretty good starting point. 

Some options settings will be implemented in the next build. Unlockable gallery is also on the list. 

Thanks! I'll look into the freeze. Could you possibly elaborate on when exactly the freeze happened so I can pinpoint the possible cause and fix it? If it was near the beginning or end of the scene (or what specific line of dialog it occurred on if possible) if it was on clicking a specific object or pressing a certain button or etc. 

More cute girls (with hopefully less freezes) to come soon!