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Please don't take this as criticism! 馃檹 It's definitely not, just an observation and hopefully some words that help you along.

It appears to be that you're a perfectionist. This means that everything you do will be to your utmost highest standards. Unfortunately, the problem is that you will have a hard time feeling that anything is up to those standards, which will keep you in a constant state of revising. If any of this ring true to you, I recommend getting multiple pairs of eyes attached to very blunt people that will be able to give you honest feedback on whether your work truly needs revision or if the perfectionism is taking over. I only state this because I have the same issue and it makes my progress exceptionally slow in all my creative endeavors, LOL.

Either way, I'm thrilled to play this whenever it is released! 

I don't think anyone can blame you for not being able to focus on programming while living in those conditions. If they do have a problem, they can either go find something else to play or make their own game. The most important thing is that you get your living situation secure.

Hey Chiel,

I haven't been keeping up with updates. I went back and read the previous updates, but an still a bit confused. Is the game available and will get an update once the antagonist is ready, or is the whole game delayed until you finish the antagonist? No rush and no worries either way; I'm just trying to figure out where you are in game development. I bought this a while back, so whenever it's ready, I'm going to jump on it!

Hey Chiel, 

You already know which way I lean, though I will support whatever you choose. ^_^

One thing that probably should be clarified is that there are very differences between releasing whole routes vs chapters. With the whole route, you get the full story for that bachelor, so there is really no waiting to find out what happens with him. With the chapter releases, you are getting parts of the story at a time. I hate the individual chapter releases, LOL. THAT'S when I get impatient. Routes don't bother me because I see them as separate stories anyway. I think of it more like standalone novels in a continuous book series than episodes in a show.

With that said, whatever you decide, we'll support you. It all comes down to what you want to do.

No problem! ^_^

I'm glad I could help. Also, the other win I see is that you wouldn't have to limit how long or deep your stories are, because you would be releasing them in pieces. In fact, if I remember correctly, this was the only way the visual novels were released on the voltage app when I used to read those way back when. Either way, I'll be reading however and whenever you release your games!


The first one that comes to mind is Mystic Dynasties. Below are links to the finished game and each individual route.

The next I'm linking to is still in progress.

The next is the Wilder series. The creator eventually dropped this for personal reasons, but I think most people were okay with it since we respected her reasons and we did get two complete routes before that decision. There were five routes planned initially.

These next guys, I don't know what happened. They are released two routes, but they then just vanished.

I'm not a creator, just as avid player (LOL), so I don't know the intricacies of how they do this. I believe the first and third I listed are still around if you have questions. I'm not sure about the second since I don't follow them. The fourth has been radio silent forever it seems. 

I know that there are some creators that give access to the game and send out updates with additional routes as (DLC, maybe?), so in those instances the player buys it for the full price. I'm not sure how it works, and unfortunately, I can't remember which of the games in my library does that. The only one that comes to mind is ( -_-

Lastly, you don't have to do this. We'll wait! I thought you had already knew about this, which is why I even bothered to ask. LOL

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Wow, really? It is actually super popular. Some people release routes right after they are finished, while others start releasing them after they are confident that they are far enough along with the process to ensure that there won't be too much time in between each route.

The pricing is usually based on the final price of the game. For example, if you were planning to release a game with five bachelors for $20, each route will be $4. If the person decides to buy each individual route, they are often given a code to access the unified game of they want it.

This method usually keeps people engaged long-term, keeps a constant flow of money coming in for the creator, and it allows the players to give feedback on what is available so that the creator can use it to improve other routes. I never mentioned it to you because I thought it was common knowledge amongst creators. LOL

This method may allow you to take on some of the ambitious ideas your have, but put off due to the required time commitment and lack of incoming cash.

Hey Chiel, have you ever considered releasing your games by routes? I know I've seen it done pretty commonly, and the developers like it because they get real time feedback and money. LOL

I vote for F.

Novel purchased! 

You always keep us updated, so I'm sure you're good for it. In the meantime, I'll be patiently waiting for the finished product.


Hey girl, I can't wait until this is ready so that I can throw my money at you. LOL

How much will the complete game cost?

Also, I know you don't have a set date, but since you are so far along, do you have a broad idea of when should expect something (this year, early next year, late next year)?

One thing I must compliment you on is how regularly and frequently you post updates on your progress. So many people just ghost their gamers, leaving everyone wondering if the project is even still in the works. THANK YOU! Even if you just write, "I didn't get shit done this week. Until next time." I would be thrilled. It's good to know what's going on. I can't wait for the final product!

This is my situation as well. I'm glad someone already posed the question, because I was just about to ask!


I was wondering if you have any plans of turning these routes into individual books? Books are usually more in depth and can dive deeper without the cost of game "production," so I'm super curious if you have any plans for that. I know that I would buy all of them right away! LOL