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Unfortunately I can not monitor the gpu usage (GeForce 9600GT).

This is the CPU usage when I start the desert demo. The spike at ~48 seconds indicates the click in the selection screen and I flew straight foward, around the rock and back to startplace. I don't know the framerate, but it work very well.

Here I tride the same in the latest version. The framerate was poor (lower than 1 FPS) and the stick input was also laggy.

Looks for me there is no GPU rendering but only software CPU rendering...



I've been trying to think of what might be the cause but I have no clue, except for the added physics accuracy in the latest version. If it was only rendering by CPU you would certainly see a difference when running at really low resolution. You can try that to see if you notice a difference, like, running it in a window at 640x360 resolution or something like that.

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 640 -screen-height 360

Still, it's weird that it runs lower than 1 fps...Even the added physics accuracy shouldn't make such a difference.

hI start a game in a 640x350 px windows, but still 1-2 FPS max. Here is the CPU graph:

It is posible to get a full version with the code base of the demo? Not only to test if the glitch is perhaps in the scene data, but to have a working full version for me.

Have you tried running it at the lowest graphics quality? I'm asking since on the lowest quality setting there is no VSync enabled, perhaps that can make a difference in case it is a screen refresh sync issue.

Sorry there are so many changes made to the latest version that it would be too much work to go back to the old codebase.

If there is no way you can get it working email me at and I will arrange for a refund.

I have tried lowest quality, small screen resolutions but nothing works. I'll email you.

But I wonder you mention too much work to get en old code base. Do you not using a version control system like git? I code by my self and the first thing I do when I start a project is to set up a (local) git repository...

Perhaps memeber lrs can help you (see message below). I don't use git, I do have an own system of keeping track of old code, but since I increased the physics simulation accuracy I made a lot of changes and it's not so easy to just change it back since the physics frequency affects a lot of things and it needs to be tested very thoroughly to not introduce any sync issues.