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I have tried lowest quality, small screen resolutions but nothing works. I'll email you.

But I wonder you mention too much work to get en old code base. Do you not using a version control system like git? I code by my self and the first thing I do when I start a project is to set up a (local) git repository...

Ok, I answer by myself: Change the primary monitor. FS is always on the primary. :)


It is possible to select the monitor used for full screen in a multi monitor setup?

hI start a game in a 640x350 px windows, but still 1-2 FPS max. Here is the CPU graph:

It is posible to get a full version with the code base of the demo? Not only to test if the glitch is perhaps in the scene data, but to have a working full version for me.

Unfortunately I can not monitor the gpu usage (GeForce 9600GT).

This is the CPU usage when I start the desert demo. The spike at ~48 seconds indicates the click in the selection screen and I flew straight foward, around the rock and back to startplace. I don't know the framerate, but it work very well.

Here I tride the same in the latest version. The framerate was poor (lower than 1 FPS) and the stick input was also laggy.

Looks for me there is no GPU rendering but only software CPU rendering...




I tried the linux demo and it worked well for me so I purchased the FPV Freerider recharged. But the performance is very bad: 0,3-0,5 FPS or less. I read the other FPS thread. I think I am glad with a little bit less physics accuracy but very much better framerate. Changing the resolution does not help.