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Got a 2nd video now. I guess I'll share all the links to my videos here as I make more and more videos. This one looks at the game's Elimination mode.


Finished with my technical difficulties, so here's a 3rd video focusing on 2 party games this time.

Great vid - cheers!  Looks like there is a wee bug in the scores being displayed for 'Snowball' mode.  I'll see about getting that fixed.



2 more party games to add to the post.

Looks like you may have found a bug if the CPU is forced to go through the pit lane - cheers.  Will look into this and sort in a future build - may be hard to replicate right enough.

Also, in Monsoon conditions, going through a tornado knocks you off course randomly which explains why you swerved @ 5:25 and why Blue was naff in the cat and mouse.

I get the impression you are no longer challenged by the AI.   You seem to be racing in wet conditions most of the time and I think the AI is probably a little bit too cautious.   I'm sure it can be improved so will look into this also.



Oh, those things are tornados? All this time I thought they were some kind of extra cloud cover for some reason. Good to know.

It's tough putting my finger on how difficult the AI actually is for me, since I can be pretty hit and miss in races myself. I'll stick to dry conditions in the future to see if that changes anything. I didn't even realize I've been racing in the rain so much.

I still can't believe that pit lane incident found its way into my video. I consider myself lucky to have recorded that.

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Thanks for the recording, I know what the issue is and it's a simple fix.   In Zoned Out to determine death a check is made on distance traveled (track sections) between the car and the leading car.   If a car goes through the pit lane it travels for 2 extra track sections so will only die when the zone is 2 track sections ahead.  For Zoned Out I just don't add to distance traveled if a car is in the sections immediately before or after the pit lane building.

I'll get a new build compiled once I've had a chance to revisit the AI.  Thanks again for spotting and more importantly getting a recording of it :)