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Thanks for the feedback! I'll fiddle with the platforming physics. I suspect it'll take some iteration to get it right. Also noted on the save file problem.

For the resolution, how did you set it to 16:10? The game is supposed to add black bars to crop the aspect ratio to 16:9 whenever the window changes size. If your monitor is 16:10, maybe there's an issue with cropping the aspect ratio in fullscreen... I'll check.

Yes, I have a 1920x1200 monitor. Also, if you want the save file from my other issue I still have a copy of it, if you want to look more into that too.

Sure, give me the save file and I'll take a look

This is the playerInfo-dd20.dat, I think that's the only relevant file?

Yep that's the one. My current saving solution isn't very scalable, so I'll have to work on this anyway.