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The Linux port is much appreciated. I have some feedback to give now.

I like the platforming mechanics you're going for here, though they feel a bit janky perhaps. Having only two jump heights instead of finer control, and the dash killing all momentum, even when done downwards, are pretty odd design decisions. Also it feels like the dash loses its wall breaking properties a bit early, making me bump into walls instead of breaking them. Especially getting down to the debug room I ended up just dropping back on the breakable tile a few times. Besides these, I like the game so far, though there's not much content to play around with yet. Also assuming a good portion of the graphics are placeholders still.

I ran into a couple of issues too while playing. The game doesn't seem to like running at a 16:10 resolution, instead in fullscreen it renders the 1920x1080 game canvas in the middle surrounded by blinking bars of some corrupted garbage from video memory or something.

Another and more severe issue, I seem to have managed to partially corrupt my savefile, whenever I start the game and check the messages on the phone, the game freezes and starts consuming massive amounts of memory, until I either kill it or my OS does it for me to avoid a complete system crash. This doesn't happen on a fresh save though.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll fiddle with the platforming physics. I suspect it'll take some iteration to get it right. Also noted on the save file problem.

For the resolution, how did you set it to 16:10? The game is supposed to add black bars to crop the aspect ratio to 16:9 whenever the window changes size. If your monitor is 16:10, maybe there's an issue with cropping the aspect ratio in fullscreen... I'll check.

Yes, I have a 1920x1200 monitor. Also, if you want the save file from my other issue I still have a copy of it, if you want to look more into that too.

Sure, give me the save file and I'll take a look

This is the playerInfo-dd20.dat, I think that's the only relevant file?

Yep that's the one. My current saving solution isn't very scalable, so I'll have to work on this anyway.