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Hi Stefan,

Using Ozmoo online I was able to create a .d81 image using the .z5 file. I used the target machine as a C128 and the drop down as 81:1581 dive, 1 disk. I tried it in VICE C128 and it worked. I haven’t tried it on my real C128 and I don’t know if it takes advantage of the extra RAM.

Awesome, yes it does make use of the Extra RAM.

Didn't see this until now.

When building for C128, D71 disk image is the default target, but D64 and D81 are fully supported as well. And regardless of this, the interpreter uses 100+ KB of RAM for game data, and it can use an REU if you have one. Also note that the game starts on the screen (40 col or 80 col) that is active when you type RUN.