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PunyJam #2 community · Created a new topic We have a winner

The jam has ended, and all votes have been recorded. Final standings:

1. Morris by Dee Cooke, 4.417 points

2. A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity by Interpied, 3.373 points

3. Face Your Fears by Sijnstra, 3.300 points

The maximum score is 5. The submissions got 9-12 votes each.

Look out for post-jam versions of the games, with bug fixes and other improvements.

Many thanks to all participants and judges!

These games use an Infocom-type parser that tries to parse full english commands, e.g. "get all the books but the blue one", "look at the door", "put all in the box", "open the box then enter it". You can skip articles, but not prepositions.

You write a game.

PunyJam #2 community · Created a new topic The jam is on

The jam has now started. The theme is on the main jam page. Let the fun begin!

We now have another prize in the prize pool:

PunyInform v3.1 was just published.

Among other things, this release has a new document, a PunyInform Quick Reference. To learn more about this, see

Except for this the new release contains some advanced new features, along with lots of bugfixes and optimizations.

Thank you!

Updated the game to release 5.

Welcome participants and possible participants! It brings us great joy to see there's so much interest in this jam.

There's still a month to go before the jam starts. If you're planning on writing a game for the jam, and you're not currently an expert PunyInform developer, we recommend you start learning the language and library right away. It's a powerful system and the better you know it, the better your chances of making your game great. Also, it's fun!

We have just added a prize to the prize pool: A new, signed paperback copy of the book Twisty Little Passages by Nick Montfort.

There are two traditions to this - This game is really modelled after Infocom's games, which always used 'restore', while a lot of other text adventures used 'load'. I should perhaps add instructions on common commands to the game.

The command is "restore"

You can contact me here or at [firstname].[lastname]

Didn't see this until now.

When building for C128, D71 disk image is the default target, but D64 and D81 are fully supported as well. And regardless of this, the interpreter uses 100+ KB of RAM for game data, and it can use an REU if you have one. Also note that the game starts on the screen (40 col or 80 col) that is active when you type RUN.

Updated the game to release 4.

I need to mail you some stuff regarding the jam. Can't find your contact info. Please mail me at punyjam1 at microheaven dot com.


I have information I'd like to send you, regarding your PunyJam game. Please contact me at punyjam1 at microheaven dot com.

PunyJam #1 community · Created a new topic Results

The results have now been included on the main jam page:

I have now posted hints about this at , where it's possible to blur spoiler text until the reader clicks on it.

Help us judge the games! 

Details at

PunyJam #1 community · Created a new topic IFDB entries

If any of the jam entrants don't want their game featured on IFDB, please reply here or on Discord.

electrotrains, would you mind making your game page public now? That would be the simplest solution, as all other submitted games have now been made public.

Please note that your game has been compiled with DEBUG mode enabled (you can tell because it says it uses "PunyInform v2.4 D" where D is for DEBUG, This means player have access to debug commands, essentially allowing them to cheat to some extent. Compile the game without the -D switch to get a non-debug build.

That's fabulous Robin!

I can see the files at least. I'll make all games available to the public when voting starts.

PunyInform v2.4 is out! 

If you want to stick with v2.3 for your jam entry, do so! If you want to upgrade to v2.4, make sure you read the release notes first. In particular, there's a section for things in the new release which may force you to make changes to your code as you upgrade, just to keep your game working the same.

I'll have a look and see if we can make the game template code clearer on this matter.

(2 edits)

I think you may have written this code in the wrong place in your source code. You have to place it somewhere after:

Include "puny.h";

I have now fixed this in the code skeleton.

Welcome to the jam Robin and son!

You are absolutely right of course. It should say "Take:". My bad.

It is legal, and sometimes useful, to write code in an after routine without preceding it with an action name. That code will then be run regardless of the current action. This was not the intention here though.


And we now have another prize in the pool! A custom 15x15 crossword puzzle with a theme based on the prize winner's game. Thanks to M. Nite Chamberlain for this.

PunyJam #1 community · Created a new topic Discord channel

There is now a Discord channel you can join to talk about PunyInform stuff:

(1 edit)

Good to hear Jeff!

Both this forum and the forum are excellent choices for discussing jam game development. I keep an eye on both for sure.


We are aiming to provide something that can work as inspiration more than limitation. To this end, we provide you with the name of the initial room and the text to describe the room as the game starts. You can not alter any of these in any way. The rest of the game is up to you.

The name of the initial room is Broom Closet

The description of the room, when the game starts, is:

You’re in the rather dirty broom closet of The Red Anchor. Various cleaning appliances line the walls. There’s a pile of fabric in a corner.

A note has been fixed to the wall with a knife.

The pub lies beyond the closed door to the east.

There's a link to a Drive folder below. There you will find a code skeleton that can be compiled and which produces the required output when started. You will also find an image showing what it looks like when the game is started, with comments on what you can change. I will include the image in this post as well.

You can base your game on the code skeleton if you like, or you can start writing your own code from scratch. If you decide to base your code on the code skeleton, you can change anything you like in it, as long as the initial room name and the initial description of the room remain the same.

The code skeleton, the room name and the initial room description are all in the public domain.

We just released PunyInform v2.3. We thought it would be nice to have no known bugs in PunyInform when the PunyJam starts, 10 hours from now.

Get it at

PunyJam #1 community · Created a new topic New tutorial
(1 edit)

If you have studied the tutorials for PunyInform, you may be interested to know a new tutorial was just published:

I have also added an index for the tutorials, which lists the concepts I have planned to explain, and you can see which of these concepts have not yet been covered by a tutorial: 

(1 edit)

Thanks to PolyPlay and Stefan Vogt, we now have a first prize:

A retail (physical) copy of Curse of Rabenstein for the platform of your choice, including shipping

Yesterday I created the jam and I can't find it in the jam calendar. I've checked "Publish" and have not checked "Unlisted". Any ideas?

(I have read the document on getting indexed)