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Nice game, really enjoyed the demo and I've Pre-Ordered it. Looking forward to playing this over Xmas.


Thanks for the reply. The files I downloaded did have the correct extension but it seems they are LYX files in disguise so now I know what to look for I won’t make the same mistake again. I found an archive with most of the commercial releases so I’m just enjoying playing Desert Strike for the first time. Happy Days. 

Just need a new screen next : )

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Thanks for doing this and giving the menu screen a facelift. It is much appreciated. I had a lot of problems with .lnx ROM files to begin with with both the original and your boot.bin file. It turns out that a lot of my ROMs weren’t compatible. They worked in my emulator but not in my El Cheapo. The only reason I could find was files that show as 129KB worked where files showing as 128KB did not, same goes for 256/257KB. Is there information in that extra 1KB that enables the files to work?

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Hi Stefan,

Using Ozmoo online I was able to create a .d81 image using the .z5 file. I used the target machine as a C128 and the drop down as 81:1581 dive, 1 disk. I tried it in VICE C128 and it worked. I haven’t tried it on my real C128 and I don’t know if it takes advantage of the extra RAM.

Hi Stefan,

I was wondering if it was possible to have a C128 .D81 image as the Pi1541 doesn't support .D71 disk images. The only way I can play it is on VICE as I don't have a SD2IEC.

 I don't know how feasible it is but hopefully it's possible.

Thank you!

Any chance of the Oric version being added to the list? Outside of the sold out Special Edition boxed set it’s not available anywhere.

No problem, all the praise is richly deserved : )

Great little game!

Thank you for doing this for us 👍🏻

Thanks for the insight, I will have a look at that Kick Assembler. I tried TMP and found it wasn't for me.