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Nicely conceived and executed; I haven't finished it yet (EDIT: stuck on the first sproing level, may come back later) but the puzzles feel just the right level of crunchy. A few suggestions:

  • Fullscreen option
  • Level select as others have mentioned, maybe combined with a progress indicator
  • Complex levels might be easier to 'read' if all blocks at a given level shared a colour (but I appreciate this might get too noisy once all the special blocks come into play)
  • Highlight the object under the cursor; sometimes it's not the one you expect, especially at odd view angles

I like the understated sound a lot - feels very tasteful and atmospheric.

My tester also complained about that depth is hard to read in the complex levels, maybe I can solve this with a shader giving each level a different hue or value.

Adding a highlight to the selected object and maybe adding a gizmo showing the direction the object is going to move would also be a great addition.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas, also fullscreen is now supported :)