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Nicely conceived and executed; I haven't finished it yet (EDIT: stuck on the first sproing level, may come back later) but the puzzles feel just the right level of crunchy. A few suggestions:

  • Fullscreen option
  • Level select as others have mentioned, maybe combined with a progress indicator
  • Complex levels might be easier to 'read' if all blocks at a given level shared a colour (but I appreciate this might get too noisy once all the special blocks come into play)
  • Highlight the object under the cursor; sometimes it's not the one you expect, especially at odd view angles

I like the understated sound a lot - feels very tasteful and atmospheric.

Works fine for me, Firefox 90.0, Windows 10.

Nice start, especially the art feels just right for the mood of the game. A few crits/suggestions:

1. I couldn't find any indication of what if any benefit the swankier furniture confers.

2. I couldn't see any way to delete or otherwise upgrade existing furniture.

3. One table and two benches got built with a different orientation to all the others. Couldn't see why, couldn't see any way to rotate them.

4. It turns into a bit of an idle game after the first few levels; once you've done new unlocks there aren't many more decisions before the next upgrade.

5. Could really use a fullscreen option! Definitely felt cramped playing in a ~quarter of the screen.

On the first point, one idea might be to make the first checkpoint a "freebie" (no pursuers yet) so that new players can get the hang of checkpoint rules, reward collection etc  before pursuers start slamming into them.

Really fun! Reminded me a lot of "Skidmarks" on the Amiga. I couldn't get more than 8 checkpoints, but it felt like a game where you could still improve with practice. (Up to a point; eventually pursuers hitting you out of nowhere at Mach 10 is pretty much just random.)

A few suggestions:

  • Second earlier comment about steering, and what I really wanted was braking and manual acceleration. I appreciate that this is a deliberate constraint, but doing the checkpoint-to-checkpoint run in less than 12 standard parsecs is kind of useless if you then have to spend 30 seconds doing donuts before you can stay in the circle.
  • It wasn't clear to me what the checkpoint rule was; is it uninterrupted time or total time that counts?
  • The damage effect felt constant - you took the same amount whether nudging someone in a slow turn or in a full-speed head-on collision. Maybe misinterpreting though.
  • Feels like it would benefit from a visual cue with a bit more oomph when you die.
  • "PRESS ACTION TO START"? You don't say what the ACTION key is!

Fullscreen didn't work properly for me; I get a black fullscreen with the game display up in the top left corner at the same size it was before. Firefox, Win7.

A few minor comments:

1. I've become used to having a fullscreen option and missed it here. While clicking around trying to find one I skipped past the initial letter (which is kind of hard to read in a small window) and then couldn't get back to it to see if there were relevant clues there.

2. Maybe needs a bit more contrast on the zodiac clues; even once I twigged what to look for I had a hard time reading them. Or maybe I'm just old. Yeah, I'm just old.

3. In the initial letter, "it's" should be "its", more than once. Have a care for your players' OCD, man!

Otherwise, short but fun.

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I don't think it necessarily needs more content, just a "Congratulations!" splash after the first Final Wave with the option to carry on afterwards.

Fun and ingenious -  the only 1-bit-input game I know of other than Fishing Girl - but the ending (?) is a bit annoying - the objective is supposed to be "survive all the waves" but the "Final Wave" seems to just repeat over and over again indefinitely.  Valid design choice, but be up-front about it.

Also I got through the whole (?) thing without ever realizing that the floating light was supposed to be picked up. I thought it was a hint as to the direction of the next fish or something.