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Jan Schneider

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Thank you very much :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the info!

I played the jam version some months ago and this game still rocks!
I honestly think, this game is a very good roguelike/deckbuilder and has so much potential.
The mechanics of the game feel so natural and the addition of 'hollow' dice give the deckbuilding aspect more depth.

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Nope, there is no music or sound. Maybe in the future :)

Hi, thank you for your interest in my game!

I will give it a look in the upcoming days.
My project is many versions behind, hopefully migration won't be a huge pain.
Maybe I can also fix the bug with the collision in the basement causing peoply to get softlocked :)

Thank you! :)

Are you using an up-to-date browser version?

My tester also complained about that depth is hard to read in the complex levels, maybe I can solve this with a shader giving each level a different hue or value.

Adding a highlight to the selected object and maybe adding a gizmo showing the direction the object is going to move would also be a great addition.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas, also fullscreen is now supported :)

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Thank you for making a video about my game!
It's definitely interesting to watch other people solving the puzzles I created as all people approach each level differently.

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Thank you so much for your feedback.
You got some really good ideas I would like to implement next. 

Specially the undo stack would be something really helpful as dead-ends are frustrating but somewhat required when constructing difficult levels as this leads to a more complex solution.

A level select is also a good idea because I observed people need a lot more time to solve the puzzles as I intended to (around 30 min playtime).
Making the level selection non-linear would solve this issue. Maybe this is the reason many "casual" mobile puzzle games have a grid-like level selection with free choise.

Again, thank you for playing my game :)

What browser and version are you using?

Thank you :)

I guess a specific item should give you a clue.
Maybe you haven't shown it to everybody in the room :) 

Yes! Finally!

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Not yet, because I can only work on my games in my spare time.
Working in a team can be good for getting things done, but requires a more overhead time in coordination and planning.

But I have some friends giving me feedback here and there.

I always try to mix up the genres of my games to gain more experience developing different games. As a single developer I can only focus on one part of a game, for this one the animated squirrel is in the focus, so the gameplay comes a little short.

Thank you very much :)

The idea is great, the graphics are gorgeous!

I absolutely love this game. Seriously the core mechanics are very fun and strategic.
I just want more of this game! More dices, more enemies!

The game has a very cool art style and a good soundtrack, making it a joy to play.
The rogue-like deck-builder theme is minimalistic, but fit very well.

My only critique is that making the player choose the target of the next attack would make some encounters a lot easier.

Also the difficulty is really challenging, but... I did it somehow! :D

Thanks, not all items are neccessary to beat the game :)

Thanks :D

I'm sorry to hear you got stuck so late in the game. Maybe showing a character a specific item will trigger an event :)

I spent so much hours on this game, thanks a lot!

Thank you for playing :D

Thank you for the compliments :D

Thank you, if I find the time I will at least add some sounds!

Thank you for giving my game a shot!

That sounds like a great idea, I will keep this in mind!

It's interesting how adding only one level of complexity can spice up a game.
Thank you for playing :D

Thank you. Indeed the enemy AI isn't perfect, so I will work on it a little bit more in the future, but I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)

Thank you!
Sadly I haven't figure out how to make the window responsive yet (I'm using godot). So the viewport zooms awkwardly.

Oh that good to know, look great anyways!
How could I forget good old sin() and his brother cos() :D

The graphics specially the background is lovely!
But the jumping feels a bit odd. Mostly because you have to hold the jump button for a long time.

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This game kept me engaged for such a long time! 
The controls are really good and the levels are challenging, but not frustrating.
Also the graphics look really nice!  

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Even though the game loop is quite simple it's very fun to play. 
The sound is really enjoyable and I like the trippy graphics.

But I think you missed the '2  Frame Animation' limitation a bit
(at least with the main title, I assume the rest are particles)  as most things seem to contain more frames.
Nonetheless you did a great  job!

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This game is really cool!
I really enjoyed the simple art style, specially the attack animation of the eye monster is very cute.
The concept is unique and fits the theme very well, I like that you packed  a D&D like round based battle system in an action game.

I also couln't end the tutorial by pressing 'R' without restarting the game once

Thank you! Glad you had fun playing it!

I love that every plant breathes just slowly.  This really contributes to mood of the game!