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Jan Schneider

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Really cool!

I would look into the alignment of the capital and non-capital letters, it seems like they aren't on the same 'level' / height.

Really cool game! I really like the idle animations of the actors, as it makes the scene feel more alive. The font style is interesting, but maybe a bit hard to read. All in all it looks really good so far! ;)

Really lovely game! The game comes with some really nice graphics and a cool funny soundtrack. I enjoyed playing it as the level generation felt really natural, it reminded me of 'Crypt of a Necrodance', but in a good way. Good work! :)

Yes you can, but you have to credit me. Please check out the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license for more information.

First thanks you're liking my game! Adding a mini map would be a cool addition, I will definetly come back to this. The total number of apples in this version is 42, the screenshots were taken in the last version, but the counter was really messed up, but it should be fine by now.

Your requested features are now implemented, you can see the new key bindings in the description. Thanks a bunch, for giving me feedback :D

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Hey, you can now find the correct number of apples as displayed by the UI. Thanks for telling me about this issue :)

I really like the details on the rocks and also the variations on the background are amazing! I like how the foreground contrasts with the background to visualize what the player is supposed to walk/jump on. Great work! :D

Thanks, I'm really happy that this game got so much attention! I may look into setting different keys for the attack and fire button, any suggestions for key bindings?

Thanks a bunch, kirby was one of the main inspirations behind this game. Thanks for pointing out the issue with the count of the apples, I will fix this soon :D

Oh thank you, it's great that you enjoyed playing it. GDWC sounds really fun, I might check it out!

Thats actualy really nice to hear! I had a lot of other ideas for the fire ball ability in mind, like that you could burn the leaves on the trees and activate switches from a distance. Thanks a lot for your feedback, this really feels nice!

Thanks you so much! You actually got more apples than there are in the game :D, there are only 48 apples including the huge one.  I wil keep your idea in mind, so I can find more suitable controls next time ;) But thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

The rock tiles look really lovely!

This look really solid, I really like it :D

The text effects are really cool!

Your animations have a lot of character, they really look cool! :D

I really like the style, the HP scull looks so adorable :D

Wow, I love The Hatching, They have so much character. On what license are you planning to release?

Oh wow, these look really cool, I like the textures/dithering a lot! :D

I love the animation of  the ball, looks really funny :)