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Thank you for your feedback!

This bug is known to me as it results from a restriction
made by GameBoy-Studio.

Hi Stephen and Jake ,

I absolutely had a blast listening to it!
You really got the main ideas of my little game spot on.

I never expected that something I created can make people 
stick to a story and it's characters and even can make people laugh. This is something so lovely to hear!

I feel really honored that you featured my game  in your podcast.
Keep up the good work, guys!

This game is beautiful! I love all the enemy sprites and the animations are very satisfying, the music is also very catchy. Good Job! :D

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Thank you!
For the inventory I used 8 variables to track if the player got the different items and toggled the sprite actors according to that. 
In the inventory scene, the player changes to an arrow and cannot move due to invisible walls. 
I track the selected item with another variable. 
Then the player can move to another item by pressing the according buttons.
I had to write a ton of if-else to do this manually and it's just a mess in the editor :D

Thank you very much! :D

Yes, no problem. I'm really happy so many people enjoy my game! :D

I agree with you, many of my friends told me the shotgun has to much spread.

I had some thoughts about a story, but decided to leave this game as a prototype for now. Maybe I will pick it up again at some point!

Thank you for your feedback! :)

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Hi, I'm glad you liked my game!

There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes I still need to fix. Maybe I will find time to make an update to the game at some point.
I also agree with your other sugestions, but sadly GBStudio (the engine) is rather limiting. But maybe I can implement some of them. Again thank you for your feedback :)

Oh yeah, a more visual damage effect for the player would be nice. Thank you for your feedback! :D

Hi, you're game is really cool, driving is pretty fun! Keep it up :D

Thank you!

Thank you. I wish you good luck developing your game, just try your best! :)

Good to hear you enjoyed playing it :)

Thanks a lot :D

Ok thanks for your report, I will look into it.

Thank you so much. Attention to detail is always the key ;)

Wow, that's a hell of a compliment, thank you. I definitely enjoyed developing with GB-Studio. It's really is easy, has an awesome community and is Open-Source! Although GB-Studio lacks some kind of textual representation of it's scripts as code (nestet if's, variable assignments) can look pretty confusing and ugly. But again thank you that you enjoyed my game this much! :D

Great to hear that you enjoyed it this much! Giving me feedback is something I really appreciate. Good that you enjoyed the silly commentary as much as I do (and the hats of course!) ;)

Your stuff is really cool! If you give it another go you might want to talk to the paper on the table (remember most people can't read upside down :)

Good to know that, I've tested Chrome, Opera and Cake for mobile and didn't seem to encounter issues. Do you know which browser/app you used for playing my game?

Glad, you're liked it.
I agree with you that the game is a bit buggy at some points, but most are due to restrictions of eighter the GB-Hardware or GB-Studio (although some things are possible but really fiddely right now).
But all in all I'm quite happy with this game, good that you had fun playing it.
Conan for GB sounds really cool, maybe I can pick it up at my local flea market at some point..

Thank you for giving it a go! :D

Yeah sure, try it :)

Thank you for your in-depth review. It's really interesting to see how people play my games. I definetly enjoyed your commentary!

You're right there isn't any audio, although there really could be some, atleast  background music.

There's actually a scene where you have to choose between the different suspects, but you missed it, because you showed the right evidence to the right person before that.

You could have entered the 'desicion dialog' at anytime if you say that you're ready while talking normally to the butler.

Maybe I should look for another solution to this problem as I think it's natural to show everything to everybody before they think they can solve the case.

But again, thank you for your efford! :)

Thank you :D

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Really nice work, I will definitely play one of them as a quick one shot!

Wow this is my favourite game so far! Everything is nice, specially the gameplay, sound and the character animations.

Yeah, I agree, adding atleast checkpoints or more health would have been a good idea.

This game is really cool, I'm kind of sad that it was over. The graphics and the sound are just amazing! 

Cool game! The minimalistic pixel art style is cool and I really like the sound effects, specially the hit and the 'door open' sounds! The only thing I felt a little thing weird about was the camera movement, I played the WebGL version of your game and the camera felt a bit 'jaggy'.

The art style and the effects are cool, I really liked the handdrawn minimap at the top!

Wow, this game is a blast (haha). Seriously the gameplay is just fun, the graphics and sounds are just gorgeous too. Maybe this game isn't the most serious in regards to the theme, but I just had a lot of fun playing it.

This is a really nice game. I think this one has the "best atmosphere" of the games I have played so far in this jam. Everything gives you this "winterly" feeling, the soundtrack, background and snow falling from above.

I like the character animations (specially the blinking eyes) and driving around with robot feels really cool!

Cute little plattformer, the character controls are really smooth and the style is really adorable.

Really cool!

I would look into the alignment of the capital and non-capital letters, it seems like they aren't on the same 'level' / height.

Really cool game! I really like the idle animations of the actors, as it makes the scene feel more alive. The font style is interesting, but maybe a bit hard to read. All in all it looks really good so far! ;)

Really lovely game! The game comes with some really nice graphics and a cool funny soundtrack. I enjoyed playing it as the level generation felt really natural, it reminded me of 'Crypt of a Necrodance', but in a good way. Good work! :)

Yes you can, but you have to credit me. Please check out the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license for more information.