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The fact is that I already have a job. Bronze Age is my hobby, and as much as I like working on it, and all of the interactions with players around it, I have a family to feed.  Bronze Age doesn't pay the bills.

Additionally, how am I supposed to gather sponsors if I'm not charging for the game? Wouldn't investors want their money back at some point?

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NO, sponsors are people who pay you for your game (not buying the game, see below)

I have over 50+ sponsors which gave me over 40-50g for my own business. Sponsors (in this tense, different definitions) are companies, or businesses (large or small) who will pay you to put their name somewhere on the product. The amount is up to you, they sometimes will contact you for this (in my case) or you have to contact them (your case) you wont Advance without asking TO advance.

I think you took what i said in the wrong way when i said think of it as a fun job, it wont pay the bills if you dont Make it pay the bills. A game in this small of a formula or stage will Not pay the bills i can 100% assure you that. If you want it to pay the bills (like i said) you gotta think of it as a second fun job. My business when i started it out was simple, i sold plants to individual people online made about 30$ a month now i make around 24$/hr including expenses. And that took months and months and a few years of meeting people, and researching different things. 

I recommend you research on how to make a proper Business plan.

If anyone invests in your Game and requests their money back, do not give them their money back. That is NOT how you invest in something like this or other.

Sponsors do NOT look if you charge for anything (side note).

Do note the business i own has absolutely nothing to do with games. 

Anymore questions feel free to ask, as im happy to answer.

Hope you have a good day :)



And another suggestion for the game:

I made a small world i got going (didn't kick me that time, but it does with other new games though) and the spam of villagers doing something is Crazy, i get a pop up about every 10 seconds that says they are doing something. And they're restless rate raises all the time constantly Even when in reality your town would do less in a year and people would be fine. Think that's the one negative thing ive said about this game sadly lol. Still building up my lil' village though. :)