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For some reason, i cant hit the buff guys guys heads! So i end up dying in 2 seconds every playthrough. It might be a bug but if its meant to be in the game then why put the option to hit the head? Plz fix this :(

Hey! Hitting the head is instant kill, so of course it can't be that easy. In previous versions it was easier, but with v5 you have to first cut the legs of the guards to rock their balance. Then the head becomes vulnerable, with an icon indicating this. 

You are right that the game doesn't inform this properly to newcomers. I still need to figure out how to give players tips about this new weakness system. Sorry if it felt too unfair. I know the game can be a little bit more difficult at places because of this new system, I'm still looking for better balance. 

Have a dying survivor on th ground tell you some survival tips and some hints about rocking the balance of certain enemies. Or do a sparring seqeuence in the beginning of the game where you have each character spar with someone, (outlander and his tirbe chief/d'arce and the captain/mercenary and his bandit captain trainer/enki and his cult)

Yeah it's definitely a mechanic that needs to be explained.... Although in the upcoming version the chances of hitting the head are closer to the chances you had in the previous versions, before the weakness mechanic that is. So rocking the balance is just a guaranteed way to get that headshot, not the only way.