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Could be a bug! I usually press space to save but I avoid the basement bed. So there could be a potential bug there.

Hey! So the that has a special function, it gives you a coin flip as a chance to save, if your sucessful you save your progress, if not.....well an unpleasant surprise shows up.

Have a dying survivor on th ground tell you some survival tips and some hints about rocking the balance of certain enemies. Or do a sparring seqeuence in the beginning of the game where you have each character spar with someone, (outlander and his tirbe chief/d'arce and the captain/mercenary and his bandit captain trainer/enki and his cult)

Hey! So there is no "free save function" in this game! You actually need to find or make an item that allows you to save! Come join the discord if you have any questions!

Finally my itch is working again? Do you have a discord server for this game?

Hey I think the mac .jar file is not working? I tried to use it and it said it was corrupted or unredeable, so I used windows .jar file and it works


I like the fact you still post on the Beta 5 page, but besides that I enjoy your videos.

This game ain on mac anymore bro

No that one particular enemy is intended to be impossible to kill, the only way to survive is run. keep running until the end.

Hey! Killswitch here. We have a discord channel if you want to join. We already have a list of known bugs and issues.  If you need questions we'll answer them too! Helping you out with your questions...the coin toss is a 50/50 chance so you really dont  have a choice. Although there was a pattern in Demo 4, anway Demo 5 introduces phobias. Certain phobias make the character weaker, or as you say make the accuracy rate lower.

This is a really cool concept and a amzing game. Just wish it wasnt so short, anyway its awesome and you should add a pause button next time too.

wish there was some way where you don’t strangle her.

hey! What your platform is it? and how old is ur computer? [ not dev jus tryin to help ]

part of the screen doesnt fit


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Lol love the new CG scene, Ren must be very dissapointed though

lmao Porcess=process

so now mac version  is unavalible?

I don't know how to fix it again....

Ahhh I see now, the update files don't work on mac, I had to switch out the save files. Thanks

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Again...

As usual the mac version of the game has it's progress reset whenever updated.

It was a fun game

Somwhow this game almost gave me the feels....idk how.....

why is this a dollar if the website download is free?

Awesome game! just finished it! 3/3 endings lol

I also like this game 2 lol

amazing game

Has much potentinal, in order to be a good game: needs blood, fluid motion when firing weapons, better graphics, reload animations, more stuff. But it is a good game

Yo Microhaver! Have any idea how much more time until the demo version 5? I'm not putting pressure on you or anything, some of my buddies wants to know. Thanks!

Adding another one was bakround ost

lol my audio worker doesn't work, it records my mic, not my in-game sounds.

Here is my gameplay part 1, of merceay, turn on subtitles cuz audio sort of died.

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do you have a discord? it is becoming very annoying when i have to refresh the page, ik fear& hunger has their own discord

"Life is peculiar when your peculiar"

I also fail to see why the human hydra is there, I guess its for the laughs

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Sure, i first got the passage of Ma'Habre when I wa splaying as the Mercenary, thinking it was just the book Ma'Habere, I didn't think too much about it. When I realized it was a special book, I read it and I got transported to the Ancient City of Ma'Habere. The New Gods spoke to me about how I was gonna be chosen and stuff and i was on my way. I walked around and looted abunch of goodies from the urns and crates. Then I saw that creepy dead spider-person [I later was looking in local files and saw that apparently you can encounter a live one]. I didn't make it that far due to the time limit but I ended up looting those two chests, I did get it twice and just now when I'm playing too, well I usually always get it if I make the coin flip in one of the bookshelfs in the catacombs library, where I'm struggling to recruit the dark priest. Sometimes I belive pocketcat has it

nope i never knew lol now i need to see somehow

DO you have any idea on how to recruit the dark priest?