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For some reason, i cant hit the buff guys guys heads! So i end up dying in 2 seconds every playthrough. It might be a bug but if its meant to be in the game then why put the option to hit the head? Plz fix this :(

fluent controls, nice pixel effect, awesome game!

atleast the games still being updated

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dont get it, srsly. Its just a waste of time. I spent a full 10 hours playing. Saw 2 zombies, no people, a flashlight, ballcap, gun, no ammo. Entertainment at its new low. This is unreleasable, its not even alpha its so undone.


this is actually really well made! The only thing i recommend is more veriety and maybe a map select, plus a sandy bottom of the map with crabs and stuff.


kewl :D

Its really not bad! I recommend maybe more variety when it comes to zombie types.