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I really think that if you didnt use a terrible game creator like fps creator and a bunch of assets (you can put blender stuff into FPSC) you could have really made something here. I'm rootin' for ya man, learn some decent coding and you might have a badass game here!

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i recommend texturing the characters, they look odd next to everything else. They look like clay people.
maybe add blood on the family members and fabric esc stuff on their clothes.

Nice PSX shader :D

just suggestions for future updates :D

This is pretty cool! Maybe add a difficulty slider in the menu though.

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For some reason, i cant hit the buff guys guys heads! So i end up dying in 2 seconds every playthrough. It might be a bug but if its meant to be in the game then why put the option to hit the head? Plz fix this :(

fluent controls, nice pixel effect, awesome game!

atleast the games still being updated

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dont get it, srsly. Its just a waste of time. I spent a full 10 hours playing. Saw 2 zombies, no people, a flashlight, ballcap, gun, no ammo. Entertainment at its new low. This is unreleasable, its not even alpha its so undone.


this is actually really well made! The only thing i recommend is more veriety and maybe a map select, plus a sandy bottom of the map with crabs and stuff.


kewl :D

Its really not bad! I recommend maybe more variety when it comes to zombie types.