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So, this was pretty good! I can see how some people perceive some 'FNAF' feelings from the game, but honestly it felt pretty original. I wish there was more to the first half of the nights, though. Unless I just breezed by it and didn't pay attention or play it the way it was meant to be played. I loved the voice acting and the graphics. The animation was phenomenal. I really appreciate the little things in this game: the running animations for the hallucination models (if it's stock, I didn't notice) & being able to actually see your dreams/nightmares materialize into view while your eyes are closed. Everything was visually pleasing. The audio / ambiance was amazing, as well. I liked the fact that it was a two-part night with some little mini-game-ish scenes in between. So, the mechanics were great. The audio was great. Models and scenery were great. The only issues I had with this game were: 

1. The graphics probably need to be optimized a little to improve the frame rate. Usually while recording, if my PC specs are at fault, my facecam frame rate will drop as well. But it wasn't in this case, which means something is happening in the game itself that's causing it to lag. 

2. I fell out of the map at one point! Thank goodness it was in one of the fuse mini-games but I still fell out, nonetheless.

3. The volume was a little all over the place. I had to turn the game volume up to hear AB, but when the jumpscare hit, it pretty much blew out my eardrums. I actually had to adjust the audio in the video I made in segments as well to make it more friendly to the viewer. So maybe lower the volume of the jumpscares and footsteps in mini-games a tiiiiiny bit and increase the volume in AB dialogue? Idk, whatever you wanna do, it's your game! :D

Other than that, the game was amazing! The ideas and execution were great, in my opinion. I'd definitely play a full version of this game. Thanks so much for making this!!

Awesome vid! Thanks for pointing out a few bugs/issues. We'll be sure to release a brand new patch later this week and we'll try to further improve the optimisation.

I'm actually having a weird problem. I tried to record a let's play and, at a certain part I don't know if it's just the increased framerate that he mentioned but, it shuts off my cam entirely. It's only happened on this game. I might just have to let's play this without a face cam. :(


Sweet!! Thank you! :D