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This game really threw me for a loop at first. It took me a second to really understand the whole concept. I love these 'mind-blown' promoting games and they're so few and far between! The ambiance was amazing, as you can hear me say about 8000x throughout the video. The music matched the atmosphere perfectly and really gave you that constant dread, that constant feeling of 'what is about to happen to me?' It had a super unique artstyle that ran surprisingly smooth! The game told a great story through memories and I didn't really know how to take it all in, even once I saw everything in the game. It left me wanting more. I loved it and I can't wait for the full version! Thanks for making this beautiful piece of playable artwork!

This was great! It had that iconic witty fourth-wall-breaking narration to it that makes puzzle games a ton more entertaining! The sounds were awesome, though I was really hoping for voice acting! Nothing negative to really say about this game! Can't wait to try NINE! Thanks for making this!

This was a nice little breather from all the serious games that I've been playing recently. I LOVED the voice acting. It was perfect. It had me *trying* to speak in that accent the entire time I was playing! The mechanics were simplistic, but not too easy. I like how the 'nasty' on the foot was randomly generated differently each time the game was loaded. The game lagged a tiny bit in the first few minutes of playing it, but it got really smooth after a bit. So it may have just been my pc + unreal (they don't play well together). The music was perfect and really inspired me to rush. That's always good in a game that only gives you three minutes. I have no complaints! This is the ideal arcade-esque experience that I look for in indie games. If you are still working on this, I can't wait to see it grow into something more! Thanks for making it!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

This was a beautiful demo. The animation is very well done and I don't see this style of "hand-drawn" looking graphics very often. Using actual photographs for the scenery is an awesome touch as well. The music was super relaxing and the sounds were charming as well. I'm a sucker for point-and-click adventure/puzzle games so this one really hit the spot! I wanted it to be longer. I really hope you hit your kickstarter goal! Thanks so much for making this!!

The Nothing a work of art! The style is unique and the visuals grow on you. The soundtrack works for the style of the game. A twisted, yet beautiful, permadeath roguelike sidescroller that doesn't side scroll. The retro VHS graphics really put a unique 'old school horror film' spin on it that I haven't seen anywhere else in a game like this. It looks like the rooms are procedurally generated, so no two runs are the same (I'm not sure, but that's how it felt) and I loved that mechanic! It's definitely unique in every way and I'm yet to see another game comparable to this one. MAYBE The Binding of Isaac is a little similar, but there are super major differences.

I'm sorry if I was all over the place with this "mini-review" - I'm exhausted. Thanks for making this! I got it in the bundle for Jane and I loved it! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this game sooner!

I honestly don't know why this game didn't blow up as much as it should've. A lot of themes and scenes scream "cult classic". The graphics and movement were super nostalgic. I love the retro feel that a lot of games have been having recently, but this one just blows me away. The color scheme with important objects being different colors is a really nice touch. The feeling of urgency and unease was with me the entire time, as well. This is the perfect example of a game that scares you without jump scares. I didn't explore the WHOLE game, but I got both deluxe versions and I DEFINITELY plan on picking it up again. Thanks so much for making this! I hope Jane is doing well! Sorry it took so long for me to get this video out there, my internet is TERRIBLE.

This game was fantastic. I loved the art style and the character models. The graphics were smooth and pleasing to look at. The ambience was perfect for a pseudo-horror feel that I'd expect from a game based on a limbo/purgatory-esque setting. The puzzles weren't too hard. They were literally just like real puzzles in which you just had to find all of the pieces. The grammar did feel like the text was a bit rushed, but it was fine either way. I don't really base my opinion on a game heavily on grammar. One, because I'm bad at grammar. Two, because it's an indie game. Finally, the message it sent seriously tugged on my feelings. Life is so much harder for homosexuals growing up in our society and a lot of people don't realize that. This game sends a really strong message of awareness that shouldn't be ignored. Thanks for making this!!

oh yeah! I saw you mention something about that! Either or would be awesome! My body is ready xD

oh! I didn’t. I played it in browser, then I stretched it manually in editing.

So as you already know I love all of your games - the atmosphere, character models, everything is just so visually pleasing. This update was no different. I'm glad there is a bit of voice acting added onto Freddy, it makes it feel a little more real. I was confused at first about how to access the 'boiler room' dream, but then I realized that you made this into a two-parter! Brilliant. I really don't have anything negative to say about this. It'd be cool to keep adding layers onto this game, like an inception sort of thing. xD

This game had a really relaxing, arcadey vibe to it. Right away the music was happy-go-lucky and the graphics were all pastel and easy on the eyes. I loved the character models and the whole layout of the game. It was surprisingly easy to miss things the first time around, and it made the game way more fun to have more and more things pop as the round went on. My only two suggestions would be to maybe add a few more tracks to the soundtrack and possibly make an endless mode. The music behind the current game was putting me to sleep (while I edited the video) and it'd be awesome to have a rotation of tracks that play a different track in each level. Endless mode would compliment the already arcadey feel to the game! I know it was just made for a jam, but still! I thought it was great. Thanks for making this!

This was awesome and I really want it to be a full game! VERY GOOD for an alpha version. It ran super well and I didn't encounter any glitches. I liked that there was an inventory menu and collectible items along the way. The graphics style was amazing, I love pixelated horror games. The puzzles were clever, but not the hardest in the world. You literally just had to pay attention (unlike me) and you'd get them no problem. It took me a little longer to figure them out but I'm a dumb. I had to use a controller. I'm not sure if that's because I had one plugged into the PC or not, but it'd be cool to have options to use controller or kb/mouse in the future. The ambiance was that uneasy silence until you got to certain moments in the game, which really let me know when I was safe and when I was not. I guess it's just my opinion, but I like to feel scared throughout the entire game. ANYWHO, I loved it. Thanks for making this and I really hope you continue development on it!

This game is pretty much everything a survival horror should be. It's one of the hardest games that I've played (on the same level as Brother Wake Up IMO) and I've spent A LOT of time on this. I may just be terrible, but I couldn't beat it to save my life. Right away, I loved the voice acting. It was funny and natural, and the character had personality. The ambiance was really creepy, and paired with the darkness/visuals, it was scary. I mean the "I don't wanna go around the corner, die, and have to start all over again" scary. I liked the flat, pixelated graphics. The pixelated graphics horror genre is great and I'm super addicted to them. The frame rate and controls were smooth, so that's good too! The only issue I had, was where the monster kept somehow teleporting RIGHT in front of me, cornering me and forcing me to 'try' and juke it out. Most of the time, failing. At the same time, it's definitely still possible. This mechanic mostly induces panic, which is also a good thing. But yeah, awesome stuff! Thanks for making this!

Whoa awesome! BUNKY was pretty hard already so that sounds intense! Can't wait.

The game runs WAY better than it did the first time I played it. The atmosphere is great, mechanics are great as usual. It was definitely harder (even on normal mode) this time around. I think it's because I glitched him in the kitchen door the first time. I ended up doing the same thing to win hard mode D: - I didn't mean to! It just happened! So that may be a glitch. The basement being a lot darker definitely showed. It was way harder to navigate. Great job making hard mode! It truly was hard! I really should step up and play newer versions of your games. I feel outdated.

This was the first game of yours that I've played and what an impression! I love how it's completely styled like an old vhs movie - including the beginning credits and all. The game ran really smooth, had super easy to use controls and even a plat forming aspect that I was allowed to fail at! The atmosphere was great, and I loved how it changed when entering the houses. I'd hear the smallest noise and get suspicious and I'd instinctively freak out. Although "Santa" only popped on me once and I didn't even really see him, the entire game had me on edge and that's what a horror game SHOULD do. I can't wait to play more of your games! Thanks for making this one!

Another brilliant work of art! Your games are seriously amazing at pulling the player in one direction then completely shoving them in the other! I'm not just talking about the twist, but the whole thought process explained in the game. The pixelated graphics were great, along with the ambiance and voice acting as usual! The music/ambiance and voice acting volumes were WAY more equalized and easier to differentiate than they were in I Remember The Rain, which is also awesome. This game really makes you realize how everyone thinks differently and what sort of thing can go through peoples' minds. We are so trained by society to believe something as a standard that most of us don't even expect someone to think outside of those borders, but this sheds light on that fact. I have nothing negative to say about this one, thank you!

Thank you!

Well, this was unique. The entire game as a whole had that uneasy feeling to it. Like I was unaware what was going on the entire time. Like there was something in the corner of my eye that I just couldn't catch. The graphics were actually really complimentary to the atmosphere. I kept seeing artifacts and thought it was a person or something in the corner of my eye. Waiting in between 'texts' was really suspenseful. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat. I read your 'end meaning' thing on Tumblr and I really think you delivered it well. Although it stumped me in my let's play, now that I've read your post- I understand what you were trying to portray. The only real negative thing I could find about this game was that it ran in 30fps. Even then, I didn't notice until I brought the gameplay footage into my video editor. So it really isn't noticeable at all while playing the game. Thanks for making this!

This game really took stealth horror to a new level. Probably one of the most difficult games that I've played so far this year. The atmosphere was brilliant. The ambiance itself was super quiet, that way when the 'jumpscare' sounds went off, they were WAY more effective. I liked how you outlined the story right away. So we knew exactly what was going on the entire time. The models were awesome, I loved the way the enemies looked!

All that being said, it was WAY too easy to get caught. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it could swing either way. On one hand, it's great! As long as you were trying to make the game extremely difficult. At one point, off camera, I even climbed on top of a bookshelf to be caught by an enemy when it was standing on the other side of the room from me. I don't know if that is a hitbox issue or not. It would also be awesome if you could add a 'peeking' control to sort of lean to the left and right and peek around corners without being seen. Otherwise, you just have to blindly run around corners (and most cases, the enemies see you before you see them). And MAYBE a minimap or a map that the player could bring up. After a bit of searching, it's pretty hard to remember where you've been. After a few tries, you start to get the hang of it, but yeah.

I really loved this game and I cant wait to see more! I actually have been playing it regularly outside this video. xD Thanks so much for making this!!

Okay, awesome! Thanks so much! :D This really is a gem.

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Not sure if you would mind if I did a let's play of this. If not, let me know and I'll take it down! I know it says that the game was specifically built to show on YOUR channel. I don't want to step on any toes!

This was a PHENOMENAL 'demake' of Silent Hill's P.T. and definitely the best rebuild of the game that I've seen so far. The controls were a little tough to get used to, but I'm not sure if maybe that was my PC or the way the game itself was designed. I did see some flashy lights as well, about halfway through and sort of near the end of the video. I'm unaware if this was intentional or not, either. I was hoping for a little bit more of the woman and maybe some bathroom stuff, but I didn't see any. Not sure if I missed something or not. Anyways, this was pretty much a spitting image of Silent Hill's P.T. and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Maybe someday, someone will fully recreate the game. Thanks for making this! I cant wait to see your future projects and I'm 100% in support of your current project, BVOID.

I’ve been looking forward to more games from you since The Juice of God’s Future so I was super excited to see this release! It was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. The game felt like your basic slender clone but with Spongebob references. The Rock Bottom scenario is definitely unique and I don’t think I’ve seen it used in a horror game yet. The graphics were great! I loved the whole feel of the game, ambience and models. It felt laggy, but I realized in editing that it was only in 30fps. Most games nowadays are at least 60. Anywho, I loved it! I can’t wait to see more releases from you! Thanks for making this.

sorry for the super short lackluster review! I’m very busy today so I couldn’t get much out there.

This was an awesome little movie-game adaptation! I totally forgot about this movie, so the game brought back so much nostalgia! The mechanics are great and I loved the pixelated graphics. The arcade feel to it was fun. I just wish there were some power ups and/or time extensions to maybe add a little more variety to the mix. Otherwise, it was a short and sweet experience! Thanks for making this!!

I’m excited! Can’t wait for the update!

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You never cease to amaze! I feel like your mini-projects like this are getting better and better. This was SO MUCH MORE immersive than TUNKY was. I loved the new mechanics and controls (even though I totally forgot about the 'm' for map control, whoops!) - and the atmosphere. OH THE ATMOSPHERE. It definitely had me on edge at all times. It was a great touch using the vents for spawnpoints and the random events that happend. Different forms for BUNKY were super unexpected, so that was a plus. It ran smoothly, great pixel graphics, awesome atmosphere and fun controls. I'd keep writing about all the things I liked about this but I'd be going on all day, lol. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Thanks for making this!

lmao! Omg that’s awesome. The perfect response.

This was definitely a spooky experience. Everything went well. The frames were smooth, the effects and sounds were awesome. I did feel like there was a lot of unity stock used (the most noticeable to me was the monster) but honestly, it didn’t impact the experience in a bad way at all. I DID get hung up at one point in the game and I had to reboot and start over. Otherwise, it was a nice short horror game! Thanks for making this!

Evil Dead was one of my favorite horror film series growing up, so this game really hit home. I loved how it was based off of one of the most classic points in the series as well. It's definitely something super unique that I haven't really seen yet. The mechanics were great and I loved the whole atmosphere of the game. It was pretty difficult for a minute there, too! I definitely enjoyed it and wanted more. I feel like the experience was a bit short, but that's just a personal preference. That and THE TWIST AT THE END THO! I loved it. Thanks for making this! 

I try to do positive AND negative in my reviews, but I really can't think of anything negative to say about this. Everything negative that I can think of is literally just a personal preference thing. Great job!

This was amazing. The art style really complimented the whole mood of the game. I loved the wide range of characters and the hilarious dialogue. It almost had me crying at one point! Super awesome twist on speed-dating sims. Thanks for making this gem!


This is a nice, short little experience. I totally derped this one up and COULD NOT find the things to save my life. The game ran super smooth, and it felt right at home. But almost too easy? The stalker guy vanishing once you enter a room was a little anti-climactic. It'd be cool if you had to run in a room and hide or something. The jumpscare could use a little work, but honestly it didn't bother me that much. Just wasn't as scary as I would've liked it to be. Otherwise, this was great! I definitely enjoyed it as a short and quick collect the items game with a witty and original story behind it! Thanks for making this!

Yes! I wish you could like comments on this site, I always feel so rude when I have nothing to say and just sort of leave a comment hanging xD

This wasn't too bad! Short and sweet. I love horror/suspense point-and-click games like this! There needs to be more! The atmosphere was pretty well done once the game started, and the puzzles were well thought out. I don't think I quite finished ALL of your puzzles, but the twisty ending definitely got me. Thanks for making this!

Aaaand this is probably my FINAL video on the game. This game was so good that it got it's own playlist xD | I'm really happy that you put so much work into this one and I can't wait for your next project. Now I'm off to play LEVEL DOWN! :D!

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Aaaand the crashing finale! You’ll see my full review at the end of this video! This game was AMAZING. My favorite indie horror game of the year, so far. It’s like you got into my brain and took everything that I like about a horror game and put it into this!

I pretty much covered all of my thoughts in my review above, but in this video for some reason my face cam lags a little in a specific scene in the game. Not sure if the scene just runs a little harder on the PC or not, it’s just something I noticed. Again, great game!