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This was a neat little preview! I absolutely loved the soundtrack and the whole aesthetic of the game was super nostalgic and retro. The animation was well done and the game ran super smoothly. Literally the only negative thing that I could find about this game was the length. I really hope you are able to continue work on this project in the future. Thanks so much for making this!

This game was a roller coaster. It satisfied the metaphorical hunger that I've had recently for 'minimalistic challenge horror' titles and I didn't even see it coming. The aesthetics of the game as a whole felt like a glitched version of a harmless game, which really hits home right now with the current theme of the games I've been playing. I absolutely love Archibald's model. It definitely makes me feel nostalgia for Slenderman but with its own unique twist. Even without an anger system in place, the game was still super difficult and took me about 45 minutes to complete. I can't wait for updates in the future. Thanks so much for making this!

This was a super unique experience that mixed a lot of elements from Job Simulator and Octodad. I was going to suggests a VR version but it looks like that is in the works! The game was perfect and had so much more built into it than meets the eye. The game itself ran super smooth and had phenomenal graphics. I'm absolutely in love with physics game and for a demo/early access, this one was built very well! The dialogue was witty and pretty funny. The multitasking aspect of the game is brilliant. It wasn't too difficult but it definitely created a sense of urgency. I can't wait to see where this goes! Thanks so much for making this!

This game was the perfect blend of everything I look for in a horror game. The story was very well done and the voice acting fit perfectly with it. The atmosphere was terrifying and made me feel like I was in the middle of a Paranormal Activity movie. There are many ghost games out there but not so many can create an intense environment like this one did. I’m definitely excited for the full game and I think you have a unique idea in creating different stories for different entities in Indonesian folklore. Thanks so much for making this!

oh! I didn’t know the door behind the kitchen worked! That’s really cool! I noticed I missed an entire room near cleany’s room as well. And sweet! Thanks for adding us in there! I’ll definitely make a video exploring the new patch once it releases! :D

This game was a WILD ride. It took me a few days to complete it and of course, by time I finish it, you already updated the game. I really appreciate difficult games like this one and winning the challenge feels WAY more rewarding than any other type of game. You did phenomenal creating this and like I said in my last review, I can definitely see this as a standalone game, not just a fan-game. I went so far as to create a map for this version and used it to complete it. I've played the newest update since recording this and I've ran into a few bugs including the janitor pinning me in a corner by Mr. Mix's room and the 'Mistress?' not noticing that I'm running in the halls sometimes. I'm super excited to explore the new build and find more secrets. Phenomenal game. I'm ecstatic that you're adding onto it and I can't wait for future updates. PS: I want a list of the character's names (including the old lady with the scythe that we almost never see) - I'm SUPER curious. Thanks again for making this!

grammar*** master - see!? Lol

Okay, so first of all, I loved the entire feel of this game. I’ve been playing a lot of old indie horror titles on the channel recently and the atmosphere / models in this game felt really nostalgic. There were a few moments where I was genuinely spooked as well as some moments where I couldn’t help but laugh. The story was great. I like how you put that extra effort into telling it rather than just having an indie horror title where random scares happened then the credits roll. I feel like the only negative things I could find in this game were the grammar and stuff in the journals (I’m not a gramma master myself, so no big deal) and the graphics were a tad lower than I expected. That start menu really had my hopes up for top-of-the-like graphics. Again, no big deal. I look for events from a horror game rather than visuals. The experience is what matters to me, and this experience was great. Thanks so much for making this!!

This was pretty fun! I liked the simple feel of it and the music really matched the atmosphere. The models were great and I loved the physics mechanics. The timer was a nice addition but I wish there was more of a sense of urgency than just timing yourself. Maybe an incentive to find the keys. More story, idk I’m just brainstorming. Sounds would be an awesome addition to this as well! I really enjoyed the game and I can see an expanded version of this being pretty popular. Thanks for making it!

This is awesome of you! I know this was a pretty big issue on my end so it means a lot that you're reaching out about it.

This game was super aesthetically pleasing and VERY difficult compared to Baldi's Basics. The music was amazing and I absolutely loved the change in mood after the first notebook. The ambiance was genuinely frightening and there were MANY creepypasta references throughout the game that I haven't seen in a long time. I absolutely LOVE that you put Mr. Mix in this game. I know I barely scratched the surface of this but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has excellent replayability. I know it's a Baldi's Basics fan game, but I can definitely see this as a standalone game on its own. It's completely and totally different in so many ways, like an 'adult' version of Baldi. Thanks so much for making this! I'm sure I'll end up diving back into it soon.

I've been on a huge parody / cartoon crossover game kick recently and Dave Microwaves Games actually recommended this one to me! This game is a perfect example of a lot of indie games from '13ish so it was a pretty huge nostalgia trip for me. It reminded me of the slender days. The atmosphere was definitely spooky and the constant jumpscares with random images really got me every once in a while. They happened so often that I did build a resistance to them after a while. Donald was a tiny bit slow, it would've been a lot more difficult if he would speed up with every document the player finds. I may have gotten lucky with my last document being right next to the exit so I'm not exactly sure how to judge the difficulty. All that being said, I know this was an older game and it's just a re-upload. I still think it would be pretty sweet if you'd reboot this! Thanks so much for making it!

I am absolutely in love with parody games like this. Arthur was a flashback to my childhood and I'm a sucker for nostalgia. The atmosphere was perfect and I think you did a pretty good job on the house layout / models. The mechanics and audio queues were perfect and it created a sense of urgency that was just enough to keep me gritting my teeth. The only issue I had with the game (and it's more or less a YouTube problem) was the sound that plays once you are 6/10 every night. Apparently this sound is super prone to being copyright claimed. I actually had to re-edit and re-upload the video twice to cut out bits and pieces because it kept getting claimed by random techno songs. I don't really think that was your fault, but it was pretty irritating as a content creator so I figured I'd throw it out there. The opening/closing cinematics were great and really put the story to a simple close. I'm a big fan of your games and I plan on playing Thermomorph as soon as I get the chance. Thanks so much for making this!

I FINALLY got around to hunting down that final ending. This required a pretty decent amount of investigation! It was a lot more satisfying than the original 'secret ending' and definitely wasn't as easy to get. I didn't run into any of the new monsters, but the models and sound engineering for them are great! Thanks for making this update!

This game was phenomenal. Frustrating at times, but phenomenal. The only reason I got frustrated at some points was the doll kept spawning on top of me before I realized that it can only spawn once. This game had an eerily silent atmosphere that promoted overthinking and made the player more prone to scaring themselves. The little random things that moved around the house were enough to, even without sounds or music, make the player that much more uneasy. This took me a while to complete, but once I figured everything out, the winning run only took about 5-8 minutes. The story behind this was awesome. I had suggestions for different modes but I've already PM'd you on Twitter about those. I can't wait to see future updates and games from you. THANK YOU so much for the controller, it made this experience so much more legitimate. Thanks for making this.

This was really well done! It's awesome to see that there are developers out there who can squeeze so much horror into a five minute window. It reminds me of older games that only took about 3-5 minutes to complete but still scared the pants off of me! The character models and story blew me away. The ambiance and visuals were pretty great and the game ran extremely smooth. I absolutely love the VHS style graphics on games recently, so that is a definite plus. I can't wait to see more of your "5 minutes of horror" series games! Thanks for making this!

You did an AWESOME job with this reboot. It sustained the feel of the original game but with way more modern graphics and sound engineering. The lighting was phenomenal and everything ran super smooth. I love the new Berry model and the difficulty of the game scaled a TON since the original. The hallway scare got me good, and I'm a huge fan of you throwing little things like that in your games to mix it up a bit. I found the Easter egg that I missed before, so that's a huge feeling of satisfaction on my end. Thanks so much for making this!

I had pretty high expectations for this game since I loved the Timore series so much, and it definitely lived up to those expectations. You have such a unique game development style and it pushes the atmosphere to a creepier level than any other game series that I’ve ever played. The ambiance is so silent, yet you can still hear stuff going on. It more or less forces you to jack up the volume then it hammers you hard with scares. The best part about this is: they’re not always jumpscares or antagonists doing the scaring. A lot of the time it is psychological and even innocent or friendly NPCs can feel extremely creepy and off. The visuals were amazing. I love the shiny style that your games all have. It’s another thing that allows me to recognize your games straight away. The fact that this game has a unique way of telling a story and solving the mystery really blows me away. I was only able to get one ending, but I feel like I found quite a few pieces to the overall puzzle. I’ll definitely be diving back into this one soon. I’m gonna end the review here or I’ll just keep going on and on about how obsessed I am with this title and why haha. Thanks so much for making this!

This was really cool! I haven’t played SCP-087-B in a while and I’ve been meaning to replay it, so this release had perfect timing! The model was awesome and it definitely still spooked me. You also succeeded in creating a pretty suspenseful atmosphere with the Baldi sounds. This was a cool mod! Thanks for making it!

This was a PHENOMENAL short horror experience. The atmosphere started off right away and had me on the edge of my seat. The characters had personality and it was easy to get immersed in the experience and relate to them. This game really makes you wonder what all happens on the side of the road in the night while you’re driving on a daily basis. Even if it isn’t supernatural, there is still a pretty good possibility that horrors lurk in the darkness. The art style was beautiful and the animation was very well done. The game had awesome lighting and shadows that ran super smoothly compared to a lot of recent indie horror titles. Thanks so much for making this! Can’t wait to see more from you guys!

This was way more adorable than I thought it'd be. I absolutely loved the sounds and visuals of this game, it built the perfect atmosphere. It DID feel a little like Little Nightmares, but it had its own little spin. The controls and mechanics were smooth and unique. The game wasn't too difficult, and I loved its odyssey-like method of storytelling. The main protagonist is really memorable and adorable. It has that 'Bendy' or 'Baldi' feel to it. A memorable main character is often the key to a game getting big. I feel like if animation and controls were just a tad more optimized, this game will go far. Thanks so much for making this!

Aw yay! I'm glad you liked it! I loved your game!

This was short and sweet. It had a solid backstory that really supported what was going on in the game. The character models and animation was awesome and definitely unique. The voice acting was phenomenal and the visuals were great. I had no issues with this game other than my own poor deducing skills when it came to counting things. Everything ran great and I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time. This was awesome and I can't wait to see more! Thanks for making this!

Yet another awesome parody game, man! I don’t see many developers using the terror engine very often anymore, so that was pretty cool to see. It felt really reminiscent of older horror games to me. It would’ve been cool if the light from each page would disappear upon grabbing the fan-art. I kept going to spots that I had already gotten. Thanks for making this!

Ever since you showed me Baldi’s BASICS I’ve been waiting for someone to make a mod like this. Of course you’d be the person to do it. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and it was indeed difficult to pull off. I have a TON of respect for you for making a Baldi’s mod of a game with similar difficulty. Hopefully all future Baldi’s mods and fan-games hold true to that. This was a fantastic idea and I hope it gets all the exposure that it deserves. Thanks for modding this, man!

I got an email about this game a week or two ago from you, and I really appreciate you reaching out! Right away I noticed that this game was optimized fantastically. The graphics were great and I got zero frame drops from any source. That's super rare to find in modern horror games with high-end visuals. The puzzles definitely stumped me a couple of times. Especially the one with the paintings. I still feel like I solved it the wrong way. I found a bug (maybe) in that room where if you switch to the correct painting, a little '1' pops on the top left corner of the screen. Other than that, this game was bug-less. The atmosphere was phenomenal and the place was HUGE. It had a very detailed backstory and a ton of stuff to go off of. The ending sort of confused me, though. Anywho, this was awesome. Thanks so much for making this!

Yay that's so awesome!

This game was too much! I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened this up, on account of me not reading descriptions like a big dummy. It was VERY well written and I absolutely loved the dialogue. The music went along with the moments in the game perfectly and it definitely helped to set the atmosphere and mood that you were going for. You NAILED what you were trying to do with this and I had a blast playing it. The only thing I can possibly think of to change would be to either slow down the text a bit for slower readers or add a log that you can click back into and read what you've missed. Either way, this is an amazing little game and I loved it. Thanks for making this!

Thank you! :D

This was a very pretty game! I absolutely loved the idea behind it and the mechanics were awesome and unique. The atmosphere was incredibly spooky and everything all the way down to the sounds that the drone made were terrifying at some points. The puzzles were pretty cool, and I really enjoyed the whole mind-bending aspect of scenery changing behind you when you turn away. The only thing I could find that was negative about this game was the graphics settings. No matter how low I went in the Unity startup window, they always seemed to stay the same. It'd be cool to get updated graphics settings so lower end PCs could run this a tad easier. Otherise, I loved it! Awesome visuals, awesome sounds, awesome mechanics and story. I definitely enjoyed this. Thanks for making it! 

Well I went back and found the secret ending (thanks to you) and it was awesome! I definitely didn't expect that. It happened much faster than I thought it would so I tried my hand at seeing all of the rare monsters and either my RNG is terrible or they're extremely rare! This is honestly my favorite game of yours so far and I can't wait to see future work from you! :D

So I dove back into this to get a couple more endings and I'm LOVING the "rare creature" aspect of this game. Honestly the whole shuffling monsters thing is super unique and really adds that awesome spin to the game that makes it a super easy and enjoyable replay. I noticed a couple more (nit picky) things though. The text can overlap sometimes, usually with TheGameSalmon's character when you fix his door. When you first start the game, you have to click the screen before you gain control of the first person camera (I use dual monitors so I'm not sure if the problem exists with just one). I found an awesome Easter egg! Very happy you put that in there lol. Again, I'm just nitpicking so the "issues" above really aren't that big of a deal. I'm still trying to figure out that last ending. xD

So right off the bat I noticed this game had a lot of work put into the visuals. The atmosphere was fantastic and I loved all of the effects and all that Jazz. The only issue with that was how hard it ran on the PC. It'd be awesome to have some sort of graphics options for this game for lower end PCs. The ambiance was pretty spooky! The sounds got me pretty often and I definitely didn't want to go down a certain hallway. The mechanics and inventory things were awesome! Very smooth usage of inventory. I'm pretty sure I noticed stock models but I honestly don't care much about that, the feel of the game definitely made up for it. I loved this! Definitely better than a lot of indie horrors out there. Thanks for making this!

yay! I’m glad you like the suggestions! Awesome that you fixed the A.I. bugs too! Your determination is great!

This is probably my favorite game of yours, yet! The ambiance and enemy sounds are amazing, as usual. The voice acting is awesome! I mean the other voice acting, not mine haha. I love how there are so many different monsters and it's just a random chance for you to get each one. It'd be awesome if you'd add a hard mode where two or three monsters are loose in the area and maybe you need to find more items to get into certain places? It'd also be cool to add a color option. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the old school black and white, but the extra option would be a cool little addition. Not a big game changer or anything if you don't add it, though. I'm pretty sure I found a bug with the monster AI where he was stuck running against the wall, but I think you already spotted that one. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to help you with this project. I love how active you are in your community by giving people the chance to participate in your games! Thanks for making this!

This was phenomenal! I encountered a couple of bugs where the game crashed, but it looks like you've updated the game since I downloaded mine, so it's probably fixed by now. The ambiance was awesome. I loved the sounds and atmosphere of the theater. The models and overall low-poly style of the game was what originally hooked me in and it definitely lived up to expectations. The controls and camera angles were awesome and really made the difficulty of a couple parts pretty harsh (which is awesome). I loved the plot and eeriness of what was going down in the theater. I definitely didn't expect the game to end like that. I can't wait for more!! Thanks so much for making this!

PS. If you want me to take this comment down due to possible spoilers, let me know!

So I dove back into this game to try and find the 'good ending' and I think I found it! It definitely took some thinking out of the box. Or rather, out of the game. I honestly thought that you were just supporting another indie developer with this reference in your game so I thought I'd check the game out. You blew me away. This game is phenomenal and the extra work that you put into this to make the alternate ending this clever is just amazing. Thanks so much for making this. New favorite indie horror of the year, hands down.

This was short and sweet! I've been binging a lot of LD41 games and this is one of my favorites. The models and aesthetics of this game are really nostalgic. It reminded me a little bit of the Lickitung Minigame in Pokémon Stadium. The sounds and atmosphere was very well done. It definitely helped put a happy vibe behind all the madness that was happening. The only thing I noticed was the lack of a difficulty curve. I feel like it got easier as I progressed. Anyways, this was great! Thanks for making it!

This actually wasn't bad! It was hilarious and I had a blast playing it. The models actually looked decent, the sounds and atmosphere was great. There aren't enough well made meme games like this out there. I definitely wanted more. Thanks so much for making this!