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The details about data loss are in this post:

If it isn't a corrupted save file or Oculus/SteamVR interference, then I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. It makes sense that neither of those things are causing problems, as I'm sure I've integrated fail-safes for both of those things in the current build, but I haven't heard of an issue with an unwarranted black screen without any prior gameplay. I'm sorry I can't help more! Hopefully it'll fix itself with the next update.

C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Local\UNKYSexe is the save file directory

The save file associated with the game may be corrupted. See if deleting it works. The save file is created on the first load of your main menu, and it was broken a few updates ago. The .sav should be located at C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Roaming\UNKYS.exe iirc.

Gonna need more info to diagnose this. Has it worked on your machine before? Is the version current? Do you have SteamVR downloaded on your PC by chance? What are your system specs? Is there a transparent scan line overlay or is it just black? If so, is audio playing when you click on the window?



There is a flashing lights warning in the opening video :) Thanks for playing!

Thank you. That's very kind of you. Game development is just a hobby to me. I do it for fun!

Thank you!

Sounds like your save file might've gotten corrupted somehow. Sorry about that! Hopefully, you weren't too far into the game.

There are CRT lines on screen. This happens when you force close the game during gameplay. If you activate the window (click on the window in taskbar or hover the mouse over the window and click it there), you'll hear Dave and myself talking. We go on for about 5 minutes talking about how you shouldn't have force-closed the game. You'll just have to sit through it. It's a little easter egg that I decided to add in. :)


you should know that i love you <3

those dummies


Is it your first time booting up the game? If not, then did you Alt+F4 out of the game during gameplay? Does the game crash after the intro video or is it a black screen? If it is a black screen, are there CRT lines on the screen, or is it blank?

hopefully this upcoming week

OH and to escape BUNKY you just lock the door when you enter a room. It's in the instructions before you play the game. Same with the original BUNKY game by Dave.

True. Thanks for the feedback!

I might mess with his sight range a little in the update. As far as SUNKY goes, I don't plan on extending the range on her audio. The player is given a chunky 60 seconds the first time they are caught, and that time lessens with each capture. The point is to not get caught at all. The hide-and-seek mechanic in general was more of a courtesy to the player to keep the base game easy and the harder difficulties more streamlined in regards to their pacing. 

So is your issue the range at which you can hear SUNKY, or being able to tell what floor she's on?

My goal with this game was not to make it a walk in the park for the player either. It is meant to be a challenge, as opposed to the puzzle and walking simulator horror games you usually see.

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The BUNKY second phase should have trails of blood leading to a chunk of meat surrounded by loud flies. This is your hiding spot. The only other way I can make it more intuitive is to add big neon arrows, or make BUNKY Crazed less aggressive (and that would defeat his entire purpose and original concept). Unfortunately, I'm going for a bit more of a natural approach in my games instead of clogging the game with UI.

The SUNKY map has been heavily muffled, audio volume cut in half and modified quite a few times over. I will attempt to muffle it further in v2 without destroying the audio files.

Thanks for the feedback.

Edit 2: Sorry, my response was quick and clunky originally lol. I was out running errands and my phone apparently hates typing.

Closet or Wardrobe?

Oh, yes. The bookcase issue will be fixed in v2.0 :)

It would be cool to have some context. Knowing how issues happen is a good way to diagnose the bug and come up with a fix for it.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks! This issue will be fixed in v2.0~

Thanks! This issue will be fixed in v2.0~

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

my new fav dave game

I have never claimed to be kid friendly.

Pretty much a AA game. This is super high quality stuff and THERE'S SO MUCH TO DISCOVER. Here's my playlist (because Dave wanted me to post it) - Don't dig in unless you want spoilies! But 101% of the game's completion will be up by tomorrow.

Thanks for making this, man. You and Padre kicked ass working on this thing.

Oh dang! I'm glad you got everything figured out!

Not sure! Seems to be running fine on my end. Could be an issue with your save file in appdata or your PC's processing in general.

It's definitely something on your end. I just downloaded and unzipped it fine with WinRAR. Everything is there.

unzip rar files with winrar

I'm not sure! I haven't touched the project in a while and it was my first game. I wouldn't be surprised if a bug slipped through here and there. I'm sorry about that! What mode was it in?