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There is no need to "install" the demo. You can simply unzip the downloaded file to any folder and jump right into it.

The version on is just a demo. On Steam you can get and Early Access verion with 2 more nights + all the following nights as they come out. Those who buy the Early Access, will also get the full game for free when it's finished. 

Simply extract the compressed file to your desired folder. Then double click the .EXE file. Lemme know if it works ;))

What problem?

For the next update, will add a "performance" graphical option for very low-speced PCs ;))

Awesome! Arigato for the letsplay :))

We don't have a decent Mac to test our game builds on :'))

Night 4 will be fun ;))

Nice vid! Can't wait for part 2 :))

Yeah, sorry for the crash... It was meant to me an easter egg, we'll change it up in the next update :P

Love the thumbnail :))

The usual suspects - WASD(move), F(flashlight), Left Shift(Run), Space(Jump). The controls for the falling asleep phase are on the screen.

Extract the archive file into a folder and then double click on the .EXE file.

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No promises, but we'd be down for a Mac port

Thanks, we're really happy about GameTheory, too! :)) The demo with the 1st night will be free forever. As for the full price, 60 bucks is a total overkill for our game. This is not confirming anything, but we wouldn't go higher than 15-20$. Right now it's availabe on Steam for 10$ and we also do sales for it from time to time ;))  

Thanks for the letsplay! :))

Nice playthrough! :))

Interesting letsplay!

Thank you for the incredible feedback! We'll be sure to implement some of your suggestions in the next updates :))

exquisite taste

Thanks for playing, don't give up!!

Wow, our game was streamed on #GTLive! :D

Good attempt! :D

Keep up the great work on the letsplay! :))

New trailer is out!

7 blessings :))

Thank you! We still have a way to go, but so far everything is going really well.  :))

Haha, good atempt! :D

You're welcome! Glad u enjoyed it :))

Sorry to hear that... Hope the help on Discord was somewhat useful :P

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We only have the finest parkour 👌

Thank you Epicghost, very cool! :D

Try to keep the .exe file in the same folder where all the game files are. If it still doesn't work, try to get the free demo that's available on Steam.

How about now?

Esperemos que a principios de febrero esté en funcionamiento. :P

Interesting... Hopefully in early Febuary it will be operational.

We'll definetely try to make a build for Macs. It might be tricky since Apple doesn't like people getting apps outside from their app store :P