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How about now?

Esperemos que a principios de febrero esté en funcionamiento. :P

Interesting... Hopefully in early Febuary it will be operational.

We'll definetely try to make a build for Macs. It might be tricky since Apple doesn't like people getting apps outside from their app store :P

Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately that "loose lips spit sekrits" poster is not for sale anywhere... If the game does really well, we might do some cool merch for it and include that poster ;)))

Much appreciate! :)))

Thank you for the video. We're sorry that you felt slightly disappointed with the new demo. We promised this demo in May, since the update for the last demo was canceled because the files on our end got corrupted. Still, this demo is WAY better than the update that would've come out in May.  The early access won't be the same s$%@ though :))))

Cool vid! :))

All good, all good! Hopefuly the new demo won't have any issues like that :P

Cool video! Try to fall asleep to experience the second part of the demo ;) 


Awesome video! More is coming, both for the falling asleep sequence and the dream sequences. Hopefully, you'll get to experience a few unexpected surprises :)))

Most players don't have this issue, but interestingly enough, you're not the first who's having that issue. Honestly, we have no idea what's causing it. Maybe try to get the game from Steam? Also, trying out a different .rar uncompressing software might fix the issue.

Great ideas and suggestions! Someone else will come along in the full version of the game ;)

Well, that might not be a good idea :P

Thanks, we'll work on it!

It's kinda difficult to make a mac build. Mainly because the macOS software doesn't like to run 3rd party apps outside of their App store. It's really frustrating :P

Oh nice! Thanks for letting us know!


We'll work on it xD

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Thank you! Your donation will help us a lot!

That's not a bad idea, but it would be a hassle for those people who fail multiple times in the dream sequence. :P

We do plan to put a price on the full release, but it won't cost more than 10$. There will be a free demo and an early access version as well. We'll announce more details later in the future.

Thank you very much! We have something incredible in the works and we can't wait to share more of it. ;)

Thank you! We appreciate it :)

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Thank you! We appreciate the feedback. We can't wait to develop more content ;)

Thanks! As the first night is the only night that's available in the beta, it was intentionally made to be harder than it should be, so that more things would happen and we could see if all of them worked. Everything is gonna be more balanced in the full version.


Glad you enjoyed it! The game's sensitivity will be addressed in the next 0.5 update.

Thanks for the great feedback! We're actually thinking about completely rebuilding the nightmare chasing sequence and we do have a few pretty cool ideas how to enhance the experience. :)

Thanks! We'll continue to optimise the difficulty of the game down the road.

It could run, but that might not be a good idea :P

Thanks for the feedback! We're currently adjusting the stress level and how often things will happen in the falling asleep sequence. Also, we'll try to improve the maze nightmare sequence as well. Performance and optimisation is something that we're struggling with, but we do have a few ideas how to better optimise the game, but these ideas will need more time to implement them in the game. The new 0.5 patch will be available tomorrow with all previously mentioned things.

Thank you for the kind words! :)

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Looks like the macOS doesn't like to open applications that aren't from the App Store... We'll see what we can do about this. If all goes well, we'll upload a fixed mac build.

Very strange... Try to use Winrar, if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, then we're not quite sure how to solve this issue :/

Did you get the 0.4 version?

We're back, we're back! All issues have been resolved and everything is OK. Unfortunately, we weren't able to upload the Linux build of the game because it was bigger than the 750mb upload limit. We did a LOT of compression, but wasn't enough to keep it below  750mb. We did reach out to to ask for more space, so let's hope that works. Hang in there Linux users! Well, at least the Mac build went through :P

We'll double check the .rar file on our end. Maybe try to download the .rar file again? It's possible that it got corrupted while it was being downloaded. 

Thanks for the kind words!