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Hi Samuel! Really liked how the game is shaping up, I had some good fun playing the championships (but suffered a lot in quick races haha)! I love the art style and the music, it makes the game really stand out.

I have a couple of suggestions : ) 

- You could make ESC pause the game, I know there is a pause button, but if you are playing with the keyboard it is not straightforward, as it makes you have to grab the mouse, see where the pointer is, etc.

- I think that a "restart race" option would be great, it might be considered cheating somehow, but as the game is difficult and its easy to get damage, I think it would help advancing more in some championships and the enjoyment of the game

- This is very personal, so take it with a grain of salt. As the game is basically black and white, which I love, I'd like more visual cues of what is the road and what is an obstacle or out of bounds, I think it could help with the flow of the race. For example, I keep seeing bridges as obstacles. You could give the grass of the not raceable surface a texture (might be just dots, not to affect the overall look). In the trailer, water is blue, but at least for me in this version it is white, which made me think that those were ramps, I think making them blue would be better.

Great work! I'll be stopping by to try the new updates : )

Thanks for playing, and the comments, misterakuma!

I agree with the ESC thing. I am not sure whether I want the game to be a mobile or desktop game, and I keep changing my mind. But will add that in as I think you are correct.

Restart Race…I think because of my bad coding that it may be difficult (because of some vars), but I will test it out. I wont do this on championship mode tho, as people will cheat :-D

Yeah, I know what you mean about visual cues. I have added colour bits in before, but I never got the balance correct. I want it to be minimalistic, but as you say, I never even thought that the water could look like ramps, but now I see it :-)

So I think I will add some more ‘flecks’ of colour to the obstacles, so that people know what they are more. I was thinking of making the bridges transparent too, so I will do that.

I have a big update to do later, where I have done some better AI.

And yes! Long Live Top Down Racers!!! :-)