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Thanks for playing, and the comments, misterakuma!

I agree with the ESC thing. I am not sure whether I want the game to be a mobile or desktop game, and I keep changing my mind. But will add that in as I think you are correct.

Restart Race…I think because of my bad coding that it may be difficult (because of some vars), but I will test it out. I wont do this on championship mode tho, as people will cheat :-D

Yeah, I know what you mean about visual cues. I have added colour bits in before, but I never got the balance correct. I want it to be minimalistic, but as you say, I never even thought that the water could look like ramps, but now I see it :-)

So I think I will add some more ‘flecks’ of colour to the obstacles, so that people know what they are more. I was thinking of making the bridges transparent too, so I will do that.

I have a big update to do later, where I have done some better AI.

And yes! Long Live Top Down Racers!!! :-)