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Hi! Thanks for your comments : )

I started using only paths for their behavior, but some time a go I went for a hybrid of that method and rays that check for collisions to make them avoid other cars and the player. In each step, I check what's near each car and take actions accordingly. It made a huge difference, now AI passes each other and racing is much more interesting! Its not perfect but its way better than using only paths. Good luck with your game!

Hi Samuel! Really liked how the game is shaping up, I had some good fun playing the championships (but suffered a lot in quick races haha)! I love the art style and the music, it makes the game really stand out.

I have a couple of suggestions : ) 

- You could make ESC pause the game, I know there is a pause button, but if you are playing with the keyboard it is not straightforward, as it makes you have to grab the mouse, see where the pointer is, etc.

- I think that a "restart race" option would be great, it might be considered cheating somehow, but as the game is difficult and its easy to get damage, I think it would help advancing more in some championships and the enjoyment of the game

- This is very personal, so take it with a grain of salt. As the game is basically black and white, which I love, I'd like more visual cues of what is the road and what is an obstacle or out of bounds, I think it could help with the flow of the race. For example, I keep seeing bridges as obstacles. You could give the grass of the not raceable surface a texture (might be just dots, not to affect the overall look). In the trailer, water is blue, but at least for me in this version it is white, which made me think that those were ramps, I think making them blue would be better.

Great work! I'll be stopping by to try the new updates : )

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Hi Samuel, thank you very much : ) I tried Hellström Racer some time ago and loved its style. I'll do some more races again and leave you some feedback! Long live top-down racers haha

After many tries I am finally happy with it : ) It still need some finetuning, specially at the beginning of a race, but its getting there. Skidmarks and grass marks should be available again on a future version, with the new AI a lot of things changed behind the scenes and I need to re-implement it.

I agree 100% with the music, I end up silencing it and its not a good sign haha I have some nice loops from a rally prototype that I was working on but they are short and might end up in the same spot.

I have just published an updated version with a completely new AI, that's aware of the position of other cars and obstacles and uses tow. I think you will find races much more fun now.

I will be tweaking it a little bit in the future but for me at least, I find races are more enjoyable with this new AI. I've also fixed Spielberg (the demo progression bug is coming in the next update).

Thanks for all the feedback!

Hi! You can't imagine how much I appreciate your feedback : ) Thanks for always checking out the progress of the game and your great suggestions. I will fix Spielberg and the race progression for the demo ASAP. Regarding the AI, those are all valid points, which I am trying to solve. I started working on a new approach to the AI, but results are still far from being better that the current implementation. I am making some progress but not as fast as I expected. I hope to have some news soon rather than later. Thanks again for all the feedback!

Thanks Samuel for the kind words! It’s great to hear that you like PCR : )

Hi! Thanks for checking again on the game : ) I'll look into that and include it in the next update that should be up next monday (with improved  ambient sounds).

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Hi! Use spacebar if you play with keyboard or A with a controller.

Hi! Thanks for the encouragement and the feedback, it is really helpful. Today the 3 AIs have different speeds but I will try to make it more pronounced. I intend to add more cars to the field soon, this might also help make the races more interesting and differences more noticeable.

Found a solution, if you are having the same issue, you can follow this guide:

Hi, I was trying to add Google Analytics to my page with no success. I generated a tracking id but Google is providing it in a G-id format instead of the UA-id as expects. When I try to add it to itch it wont show an error but it isn't added.

It would be of great help if anyone could point me in the right direction for this. I can't find any help on Google as how to generate the old format ids.


Hi R-Doman, I'm really glad to hear that you like it! I have just finished implementing, in an internal build, the ability to save lap records locally. This also opens up the possibility to have some progression saved across sessions, so I can say that it's coming soon (TM) : ) I can't promise dates as I am still deciding some key aspects of it and it will need some testing but it should come sooner rather than later.

Glad you liked it! I have just uploaded a new version that tweaks the speed loss in the grass and fixes a small bug with skidmarks.

Hi, thanks for the detailed feedback! I am working on addressing both things at the moment, I made a test project for the physics, which you can try out here: Its not finished yet but so far, the feedback on this new approach has been positive. Please try that out.

Thanks again for the feedback, it helps a lot!

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Did you have that feeling with all the car types or one in particular?

I just wanted to thank you, this asset is great! I was doing something similar but had some visual glitches, I was not using view_surface_id which works better. One comment for those using ports with different size than your views, you might have to change the draw gui code, I used this code > draw_surface_stretched(global.surface[i], 0, (i - 1) * view_hport[i],view_wport[i],view_hport[i]);

Glad to hear it!

I just uploaded a new version with slightly changed physics behavior based on your comment, I think you are going to like it more this way!

Without a doubt the Formula cars need a little bit more practice than the others :)

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s very valuable!

Thanks for the feedback tibisoft! Did you try all 3 type of cars? Was your experience the same with all of them?