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With some of the screenshots shown I went in hoping it wasn't going to be some fnaf-style bull, but opening up night one with that was pretty disappointing. The models, animations, sound design and voice acting all sound pretty good, but if it's all mashed into an overdone format, it feels a bit wasted to me. Maybe the game gets better later on, as it looks like there's something more interesting showcased in the screenshots, but the fist night was enough to make me lose all interest. I hope I'm alone in this, as it looks like you've put in a lot of work, best of luck to you all.

Hello there! Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry that you find our game disappointing. We'll try to improve it down the road. It's still a beta, so we're open to any feedback and suggestions from the community. 


Don't let one opinion sway what you want your game to be! I just don't happen to like fnaf style gameplay, but if that's what you want your game to be, then make that game! No one game will appeal to everyone.

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Understandable. There is more to it than that fnaf game mechanic. After falling asleep there's a whole different level with completely different game mechanics. The falling asleep part is a smaller part of the game, but still it's curtail for the lore and the story.

Hmm. I'll give it another go then.


So, I gave it another try. You've got some interesting ideas going on here, but (even realizing this is an early build) there are some, what I found to be, serious gameplay and player punishment issues. I'll have a video out in about five hours that really goes into detail. Hope you find the feedback valid and useful!


Awesome! Thank you for taking your time to do this. Looking forward to your video.