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The game is pretty solid and straight forward. If I had to nitpick there are a few things that were off.Text resolution was a bit too small / pixelated for me to be able to read in full screen in the intro screen. The abilities didn't have a cool down times so I didn't know when I could use certain spells. The toxic / poison spell was pretty OP, it'd just melt the dragon boss in a few seconds. The tree pop in was a little distracting for me personally.

Those are just me picking out little things though. I think this would be fun with some friends / some sort of cooperative play if you plan on working on this project more.


Hey there! Thank you for playing the game and leaving your comment (and I must say, very constructive for the overall quality of this game).

I must say that the pixelated text is completely my fault lol fortunately this can be fixed. The idea of coop or multiplayer is very interesting, I personally didn't thought about it so thank you for pointing that out. Moreover, we will give a closer look to the things that you pointed out (such as the trees popping in, which was a known bug).

Once again, many thanks for your comment!