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Hey there, I downloaded the latest version. These news stages are pretty good. I noticed that on the new ones, the characters look smaller (or further away). Can you make them as big as they are in the first 3 stages?

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Zoomed in Hills 50%, Falls 20%, and left Alien as is (as I want to keep one new large level for 6+ players)

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What about making all the levels as equally zoomed out as the Alien one?

Here's another major thing : could you add some extra code that remembers the last level you were on? That way, when I leave a stage, I'm not automatically returned to the first one?

Of course, we could imagine an even more sophisticated system, where the stages have their own menu screen, which would appear every time after at least two characters have "left the screen rightward." I'm not passionately asking for it, but, I do like that idea as well. At minimum, some sort of stage memory script.
These are things I would like to fund!

> What about making all the levels as equally zoomed out as the Alien one?

You mean make all the levels, including the original three levels, to the same zoom level? That would take a lot of work. Changing the 'zoom' involves changing a lot of the structure and objects in the level to ensure they now all fit in the cameras field of view. I'd rather just spend the time making new levels :-D

I'll look into ensuring the game mode and level setting is retained when returning to the title screen.

Heh heh, well, okay, if you release a version where all the levels are formatted like Alien, let me know. Do you use PayPal?

You don't have to worry about sending any money. I think you are probably the only person playing this game, so its my pleasure :-)

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Well, that's mighty generous of you. If the choice were mine, there'd be at least 20 stages - about as many as you'd expect from a Mario Kart game, and there'd be a "Choose A Stage" screen where you could simply click on a thumbnail of a stage, then enter it. If you made an update like that, I bet I could get A LOT more people to download the game, and, that would be worth paying for!

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One of the reasons I liked Old Fashioned in the first place was that it's really friendly to local multiplayer gaming on one screen. It's also really easy to assign a character to a controller, using JoyToKey. I'm currently developing a new kind of Windows gaming home theater interface that makes it easy to use JoyToKey in a living room. Gamers will be able to create combinations of controllers (as long as Windows recognizes them). It's possible that I could bundle Old Fashioned with that software, making it a lot easier for it to get significant attention.