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Heh heh, well, okay, if you release a version where all the levels are formatted like Alien, let me know. Do you use PayPal?

You don't have to worry about sending any money. I think you are probably the only person playing this game, so its my pleasure :-)

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Well, that's mighty generous of you. If the choice were mine, there'd be at least 20 stages - about as many as you'd expect from a Mario Kart game, and there'd be a "Choose A Stage" screen where you could simply click on a thumbnail of a stage, then enter it. If you made an update like that, I bet I could get A LOT more people to download the game, and, that would be worth paying for!

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One of the reasons I liked Old Fashioned in the first place was that it's really friendly to local multiplayer gaming on one screen. It's also really easy to assign a character to a controller, using JoyToKey. I'm currently developing a new kind of Windows gaming home theater interface that makes it easy to use JoyToKey in a living room. Gamers will be able to create combinations of controllers (as long as Windows recognizes them). It's possible that I could bundle Old Fashioned with that software, making it a lot easier for it to get significant attention.